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12 Eco-friendly Toys and Products That You and Your Dog Will Love



When trying to achieve or maintain a sustainable lifestyle, something like what we buy for our pets can be easily overlooked.  Our fur babies are members of the family too, so why shouldn’t we include them in our pursuit to live a greener life?  It might seem a little overwhelming at first, just one more thing to worry about in the sustainability struggle!  Don’t worry though, eco-friendly dog products are easier to find than you might think, and I’ve compiled a list to help inspire you!


Did you know that many dog toys on the market right now contain dangerous chemicals and plastics?  Sadly, the US doesn’t even have any safety regulations about what pet toys can be made of.  That’s why it is important to do your research and be mindful of what is going in your pup’s mouth!  There are plenty of eco-friendly options available that are better for your dog and the environment!


One of the most important things to check for is what your product is made of!  Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester are some examples of good sustainable materials.  Also, consider if the product is responsibly sourced.  Even the amount of packaging used in shipping is worth thinking about.

Some companies make an additional impact by giving proceeds or contributing in some way to charitable organizations.  It’s nice to know your purchase might help plant a tree, clean up the ocean, or help animals in need!

This may sound like too many things to consider, but don’t be discouraged.  Websites like EarthHero have a whole pet section and conveniently list sustainability features like materials, earth-friendly features, and even charities the company helps! If you’re on a manufacturers’ website, check things like product specs but also take a look at the company’s “about” section.  Having certain certifications are always a plus as well.

Of course, not every product you buy will be 100% perfect but trying to be more eco-conscientious is the most important thing!  It might be super tempting to walk into a big box store and buy every cute dog item you see, but with a little extra effort, you can easily find awesome products for your dog that are also better for the planet!


You and your dog probably have some toys and things that you absolutely love.  Definitely keep those items!  I’m not saying to purge your home of anything made of plastic.  Just consider shopping sustainably for your pet the next time you do need to buy new toys or a leash.  If you have current toys sitting around your house not being used, consider donating them to an animal shelter or rescue group!  They are always grateful for any donations (they can use your old sheets and blankets too!)


Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Hemp Dog Collar from EarthHero.jpg

1) Hemp Dog Collar

Brand | The Good Dog Company

Price | $19.99 - $21.99

Material | Hemp, organic cotton

If you’re looking for a collar that is both sustainable and stylish, check out these funky collars from The Good Dog Company!

This comfortable hemp and cotton collar comes in several fun patterns, plus hemp has all sorts of great qualities that make it ideal for the Earth and your pet.

Hemp is a high-yield crop that produces more fiber per acre than other textiles, making it an excellent renewable resource.  It is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, plus it’s one of the strongest fibers on the planet so this collar holds up in any situation.

Complete the look with these matching leashes!

code: Natalie10 for 10% off

Shop EarthHero
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Molly Mut Dog Bed.jpg

2) The Molly Mutt Dog Bed

Brand | Molly Mutt

Price | $29 - $101.50

Material | Cotten duvet, upcycled textile stuffing

Do you have any damaged or heavily used clothing or bedding lying in a closet somewhere? 

Even well-intentioned donations can often end up in landfills, but believe it or not, you can give these raggedy items new life by using them as a dog bed!  The Molly Mutt bed consists of a durable cotten duvet and stuff sack (water-resistant liner is optional) that you stuff yourself with old cloth materials.  Using your own items as stuffing makes the bed smell like you so your dog will be more comfortable and less likely to try to destroy it.  With several sizes and patterns to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something you and your pup will love!

Shop Molly Mutt
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Hurley Dog Bone.png

3) Hurley Dog Bone

Brand | West Paw

Price | $9.95 - $16.95

Material | Zogoflex (an infinitely recyclable plastic blend)

If your dog is a heavy chewer, you need the Hurley dog bone in your arsenal of toys!  Rawhides and animal bones can be dangerous for our dogs but this recyclable plastic bone is a much safer option. 

The Hurley bone is a versatile yet simple toy, great for chewing and fetching, plus Zogoflex material is bouncy and floatable!

Zogoflex is a pet-safe plastic blend developed by West Paw to be tough and infinitely recyclable. With the “Join the Loop” recycling program, when your pooch finally chews this bone to the point of no return, just send it back to West Paw to be made into new toys!

Shop West Paw
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Bamboo Dog Bowl from EarthHero.jpg

4) Bamboo Dog Bowl

Brand | Beco Pets

Price | $7.99 - $10.99

Material | Bamboo, rice husks, cornstarch, and PLA (a plant-based material)

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic and Beco Pets’ simple, sustainably made bowls will add a contemporary touch to any space.  Choose from five lovely patterns and two sizes.  These lightweight, durable bowls are great for at home or on the go.  When they get too dirty, just pop these BPA-free bowls into the dishwasher!

Beco Pets goes above and beyond by contributing to several animal welfare and environmental non-profit organizations.  These bowls are a win in so many ways!

code: Natalie10 for 10% off

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Recycled Plush Dog Toy from Chewy.png

5) Recycled Plush Toy

Brand | Spunky Pup

Price | $9.39

Material | 100% Recycled plastic water bottles

One of the coolest things about this cute turtle plush is that it actually helps real sea turtles! Each toy recycles 6 water bottles, keeping them out of our oceans. Everything from the stuffing to the thread is actually made from water bottles, meaning you actually recycle this toy when your dog is done with it.

This turtle plush can fittingly float in water and includes a squeaker inside. The Spunky Pup clean Earth collection also offers an adorable pelican and starfish!

Shop Chewy
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Natural Pet Potty Pad from EarthHero.jpg

6) Natural Pet Potty Pad

Brand | Bark Potty

Price | $37 - $45

Material | Redwood chips, cardboard, plastic, bioplastic

Whether you have a puppy, senior dog, or work long hours, sometimes pet pads can be a necessity. 

Bark Potty is a great alternative to using conventional puppy pads which can sit in landfills for hundreds of years!  In fact, this reusable pet pad replaces up to 60 single-use puppy pads.  The redwood chips are FSC certified which ensures the bark is responsibly sourced.  These chips, along with the cardboard box, are biodegradable and you can recycle the plastic tray.  It even comes with biodegradable poop bags!

Not only is Bark Potty a great sustainable pet pad option, they also help the planet through organizations like One Tree Planted and 1% for the Planet!

code: Natalie10 for 10% off

Shop EarthHero
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Eco-Fly-n-Tug Dog Toy from Honest Pet Products.jpg

7) Eco-Fly-n-Tug Hemp Dog Toy

Brand | Honest Pet Products

Price | $13.99 - $20.99

Material | Hemp, organic wool

Do you have a super active pup that just needs to run off some energy? 

This eco-friendly frisbee from Honest Pet Products is the perfect way to wear out your pooch.  Instead of hard plastic, the Eco-Fly-n-Tug is made of an outer layer of durable hemp and stuffed with compressed wool.  As I mentioned earlier, hemp is super strong so this frisbee doubles as a tugging toy.  It even floats so water-loving pups will love it!

Shop Honest Pet Products
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys & Products | Recycled Polyester Dog Leash from United by Blue.jpg

8) Recycled Polyester Dog Leash

Brand | United by Blue

Price | $27.99

Material | Recycled polyester ripstop, aluminum hardware

Walk your dog in sustainable style with these adorable leashes made of 100% recycled polyester!  They come in six lively patterns and the carabiner-style clasp is easy to attach to your pal’s collar or harness. 

These leashes are durable and safe to go in the washer.

United by Blue pledges to clean up one pound of garbage from our waterways for every product sold, so make sure to check out their recycled nylon dog collars as well!

Shop United by Blue
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Bamboo Dog Brush from Little Donkey Supply Co.jpg

9) Bamboo Dog Brush

Brand | Little Donkey Supply Co.

Price | $12 - $14

Material | Bamboo, agave sisal

Want to give your pooch a relaxing spa day at home? 

Consider this responsibility-made and sustainable dog brush from Little Donkey Supply Co!  A lot of dog brushes are made of plastic and have sharp, painful bristles.  This brush is made from bamboo and agave sisal, so you will feel great about using it and your best friend will love how nice it feels!  Complete the whole spa day experience with these plant-based dog shampoos and conditioners!

Little Donkey Supply Co. is on a mission to make beautiful, eco-friendly products and to help animals in need!  They give 10% of all proceeds to animal rescues and even volunteer at local animal shelters!  If you are an advocate for , definitely check out Little Donkey Supply Co!

Shop Little Donkey Supply Co
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | Huggie Harness.jpg

10) Huggie Harness

Brand | Awoo Pets

Price | $50

Material | Recycled polyester, brass hardware, silicone label

Plastic water bottles can be turned into so many things these days, including dog harnesses! 

Awoo Pets repurposes about five water bottles to create these cute, comfy harnesses.  They come in several colors, three sizes, and have multiple connection points for your leash.

Awoo encourages you to “rePAWpose” their products by donating gently used items to an animal shelter or rescue group. Not so gently used items can be sent back to Awoo no matter what condition they’re in! Either route will earn you some in-store credit for your next sustainable purchase!

Shop Awoo Pets
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products | American Classic Food Set Squeaky Plush Dog Toy from Chewy.png

11) American Classic Fast-Food Dog Toys

Brand | P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

Price | $5.90 - $49.90

Material | Recycled plastic bottles, faux fur

Unfortunately, you can’t really give your pooch French fries or milkshakes, but you can pretend to with this adorable and sustainable fast food toy collection!  The American classic toy set comes with five of your fast food favorites, and you may also purchase your toys à la carte if you wish.

Want to add some festive cheer to playtime this holiday season?  Check out P.L.A.Y.’s holiday classic plush collection!

These food plushies may look scrumptious, but they are actually made with 100% recycled water bottle stuffing.  Not only has P.L.A.Y. kept over 10 million plastic bottles out of the environment, they also give back a portion of their profits to animal rescue groups!

Shop Chewy
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Dog Toys and Products.jpg

12) Welcome Home Pet Bundle

Brand | Harry Barker

Price | $99

Material | Toy bin: recycled yarn; llama plush: cotton, recycled plastic bottles; rope toy: recycled yarn; rope leash: recycled plastic bottles

Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or just want to treat your current best friend, this sustainable and elegant pet bundle is the way to go.  The welcome home pet bundle is a $144 value and includes two toys, a cozy blanket, waste bag dispenser, and leash all packaged in a rope toy bin.  You and your dog will love this chic, coastal-inspired bundle that looks great and uses sustainable materials like recycled yarn and plastic!

Harry Barker strives to create stylish products that are also kind to the planet.  Besides using sustainable materials in their products, Harry Barker gives back to charitable organizations such as Canines for Veterans.

Shop Harry Barker

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Amy Kinchen is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom living in Florida. She loves to learn new things about sustainability and tries to incorporate them into all aspects of her life. Her family, including the furry members, are her world and she believes that helping animals and the planet should go hand-in-hand. Amy enjoys fostering kittens for her local animal shelter when she has the time. You can find her on Instagram here.


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