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Tackiness promoter for tire waste.

Best regards.

We are Reconversión Circular, a Colombian Research and Development Startup, based on the Circular Economy.
With low cost technologies, techniques, products and processes developed by us, we turn end-of-life tires into new products.
With our binders we transform tires alone or mixed with other waste into flexible sheets from 1mm thick and can be waterproofed or in rolls.
We have developed prototypes as shown in the following video.
Transformation into soles of tires with vulcanized rubber and our binder.
Our objectives are to generate with this waste products such as:
a) Water-based asphalt adhesion promoter.
   Made from recycled and pelletized tires, surgical gloves and water-based adhesive.
b) Asphalt and waterproofing fabrics.
c) Rubber flooring and tiles.
d) Mixtures for the footwear industry.
e) Raw material compatible with other wastes to generate impact modifiers that improve flexibility and resistance to dynamic fatigue.

You have the resources, the know-how, the allies and the conditions we need to facilitate the transfer of information and to
facilitate the transfer of information and negotiate our solutions.
We propose to partner with you to scale them up and offer them to investors, public authorities, business, labor, academic and social associations.
We propose that you become our allies and that we work together in the implementation and negotiation of our solutions.
We offer you our research and developments so that you can manage them under your protection and control.
In exchange we request the monetary participation that you stipulate for this type of business.
We accept payments for purchase, licensing, results, success bonuses, royalties or donations.
With our solutions and with your collaboration and support we will generate alternative and quality employment.

You can see more of our developments on our YouTube channel - Reconversión Circular.

If you have any concerns, questions or would like more information about this project, I will be happy to assist you.

Thank you very much.

Cordially yours.
Carlos Julio Silva García.
Cell phone. +57 315 471 95 37.
Pereira - Colombia.

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