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Every dark cloud has a silver lining


Every dark cloud has a silver lining

Few days back Secretary General António Guterres of UN, spoke at NYC ahead of the COP27, starting next week in Egypt. He said that somehow the War in Ukraine, global inflation and high energy prices are distracting the global leaders and putting Climate Change on back-burner which is far more dangerous and critical.

Added to that, not only the CO2 emission has once again increased considerably, and there is a spike in Methane emission, whose source is puzzling the scientists. It is alarming as Methane is far more lethal Green House Gas than CO2.

On the positive side, Ursula von der Leyen of EU Commission has been active, and is proceeding forward with new tax laws which would make polluters pay for their contribution to the world’s contamination, meaning higher taxes for fossil fuel producers and users.

 As I had predicted earlier, this Russian invasion of Ukraine seems to have woken up Europe. Finally, it has realized its folly in blindly depending on Fossil fuel procured from anywhere possible, even at the cost of financing dictators and tyrants. Now there seems to be an acceleration a green transition and support towards renewable and alternative energy sources in the European energy market. Even on national levels, countries are now investing heavily in Renewable. 

Ben Banerjee 02.11.2022

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