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ACP Alternative Crops Product.

Bests regards.

We are reconversion circular, a Colombian Research and Development Startup, based on the Circular Economy.

With low-cost technologies and from vegetable waste we develop an alternative to grow and make home gardens or in urban, rural areas, in poor soils, in organic matter, arid or desert areas and for places where food availability is insufficient, meeting the nutritional, food and other needs that are vital for some population groups around the world.

We present the ACP (Alternative Crops Product) as a soil substitute, which can be used to grow crops or as a fertilizer.

The ACP is made with vegetable waste, sludge generated in the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plants) and contains a water self-retainer that is also another waste and is enriched with mineral nutrients and natural microorganisms.

 The ACP is a different experience to grow and ideal for those who are attracted to the alternative of their own planting, maintenance and harvesting.

ACP provides a change and a solution for those who choose or need organic, healthy, clean, diverse, sustainable, and nutritious crops. 

ACP plants or crops can be supplied with water by incorporating hydro-retainers such as RC-H20, atmospheric water (fog), or capillary water. Adding water to the ACP compacts it and activates the microbial components.

The project is in prototype phase, in the following link you can visualize the process:

Our objectives with the ACP are:

1) To establish home or community gardens with the population groups and in the places we described above.

2) To generate a new forest with the accumulation of vegetal residues in adverse, arid, or desert areas.

For those who use ACP, we will provide support and accompaniment via internet with tutorials on planting, management, and recommendations for the use of ACP, generating a link of exchange and virtual support with other growers and, finally, the creation of a community of alternative growers.

We are looking for allies to verify the functionality and viability of the ACP; then, if they adjust to the expected requirements, we will reach a negotiation to implement the processes, consultancy, production, and commercialization of the ACP.

Below, you can see the different processes that are carried out with the ACP:

Fertilizer with microorganisms.

Transformation of WWTP sludge into fertilizer.


Any questions, more information or if you wish to know about a particular development, I will be glad to assist you.

Thank you very much for your attention.



Carlos Julio Silva García.


Mobile. +57 315 471 95 37.

Pereira - Colombia


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