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Hi! My name is Svetlana, I am the founder of Camomile Impact community. Come on in, make yourself at home!

What's the topic? Entering a market with a minimum horizon of explosive growth of the coming 10 years and a volume of $ 800 billion in 2020 aimed at creating a sustainable economy.

What are we doing? We unite active people, social enterprises, start-ups, impact investors, experts focused on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the community and provide a wide range of tools to ensure personal and corporate growth for each member of the community.

Our principles:

Provide Free Basic Tools to Every Community Member

We do not track and analyze user preferences for promotions, nor transmission to third parties 

We do not put targeted ads on app pages  

How can we help? After registering with the community, you can:


  • Join the community and present yourself, your company, your product or services in the community
  • Follow other members and create your own Network
  • Conduct private correspondence with community members
  • Unite a team of professionals in Projects around your idea or business to confidently achieve goals by joint efforts, or simply create a club of interests (association). Manage the roles of participants, create tasks with deadlines for them. Set up a paid membership and manage membership fees (coming soon) 


  • Create training courses for everyone
  • Train your team
  • Create manuals for your products and services
  • Create online and offline free or paid events, invite participants, unrestricted communication with joined participants


  • Recruiters and applicants - place an ad in Jobs about the search for candidates or offer your resume
  • Buyers and Sellers - publish paid access to download digital products in the Market such as books, designs, logos, software, articles, coupons, digital gift donations, service warrants, etc.
  • Talents and Prizes - create a Competition on your own terms, assign a prize fund, select participants or participate in existing competitions.
  • Followers - publish a post on the Forum, create a Poll, store files
  • Expertise - get points for being active and increase your status in the community and become a community leader and get on the Leader Board.
  • New members to the community - earn by participating in the referral program (coming soon)


  • Find a potential investor
  • Find an investment object
  • Track investment offers and inquiries using Saved Search Technology

What else?

In addition, all your activity will be displayed on Timeline in two feeds, one of which is available to everyone, and the other to your followers.

The Privacy Settings will allow you to configure companies, projects, events and courses as public, private or selective.

Share allows you to share open content on social networks. Public content is indexed by search engines, which creates a synergy of co-growth for the content of all members of the community.

If you have a proposal for further development of the platform, make it on the Ideas page, we will definitely consider and try to implement. The status of your proposal will be available to you.

The number of available tools depends on the user's membership level, it can always be upgraded in the Pricing section.

If you have any questions, see the sections About usFAQ or ask us questions through the Contact form.

Try it now! Fill out a profile, create a company or project, follow other users and write your first post. Let's change the world for the better together!

Thank you!

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We're the first Swiss Nonprofit Business Network for ethical and sustainable Micro- and Small Businesses, which we connect with a community of consumers focused on ethics and sustainability. Thus we secure their longterm success and work together on establishing an ethical economy with thriving people, serving the common good.

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« How can become the new normal? One important step is having the appropriate regulations in place, says Svetlana Banerjee Baurens Swiss Impact Investment Association. Without them, she argues, money will not properly flow into impact investment. Svetlana was our guest at our last impACT talk » @ Geneva Macro Labs

Please find the video below: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdZo1PMVx-k

Key takeaways:

> Finance can become the force for good. The ecosystem should collaborate in to overcome challenges. Public-private partnerships also need to be involved to enable collaboration. 

> We are currently "over-reporting," "over-regulating," "over-talking,“ and "overthinking" about profit, but unfortunately, we are not over-acting! 

> By shifting capital into impact investing, we will not only help to solve social and environmental challenges, but also add meaning, purpose, and inspiration to actors in the financial industry.

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Last Thursday, it was once again a honor to be invited to speak at Horasis, on invitation of Frank-Jürgen Richter .

I had the honor to be included in the list of many distinguished speakers, including my colleague H.E. President Armen Sarkissian (from EastWest Institute).

Looking forward to the next Horasis program when we can take the discussion on Social and Environmental problems further.

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Aspiring Bachelor's graduate in International Business Management at Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW, Duale Hochschule in Lörrach and Université de Haute Alsace in Colmar. 

Focus on international and intercultural management. 

Creative, efficient, driven team player, organised and solution-oriented.

Interested in a 12-week fulltime internship between June and September 2021.

Lörrach/Basel/Zurich Area would be great, but I'm open to anything that inspires me! :)

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Camomile, an Impact Investing Platform for One Planet and One Future.
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Sustainability is said to have three bottom lines: people, planet and profit. We intend to achieve this with the Eco-Tourism for the Conservation of Heritage (ETCH) in Lumban, Laguna. Our people goal is to uplift not only the economic condition of the people in the community, but also to raise the awareness of everyone on the cultural and natural heritage of Lumban, Laguna. Culturally, it is where the Laguna Copperplate Inscription (LCI), a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines, was found in 1986. It pushed back the written history of the pre-Spanish Philippines from 1521 to 900AD. Naturally, the Lumban River is a major tributary of the enchanted Laguna De Bay (Pronounced “bah, ee”, not bay, “bey”). It was once a home of large crocodiles like the salt water crocodile Lolong, caught in Mindanao, at the Southern part of the Philippine islands. Historically and culturally, the ancient people of the modern Philippines believe that our ancestors inhabit the largest of these crocodiles, and that we are children of the crocodile. In 1823, a 27 foot crocodile was shot to death in a town beside the Laguna De Bay and there is a separate part of the lake also called “Crocodile Lake”. The Lumban River is the southern part of the beautiful Pagsanjan River and upstream is where the Pagsanjan Falls is located. The river is home to 28 species of Wildbirds because the country is in the Southern flyway of wildbirds. By conserving these cultural and natural heritage of the place, we intend to create wealth through the profits of eco-tourism. And so we are inviting everyone to come visit Lumban, Laguna, Philippines. Learn our ancient script, the Baybayin and taste our locavores food in an eco-dining in the river/Laguna de Bay. Let time pass by with a view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, experience a wild bird watching or fishing in a Bamboo Raft.

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