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10 Plant Subscriptions & Online Shops to Suit Every Home


image: The Sill

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliated, so we may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We only add brands & products we truly believe in.

Plant Subscriptions & Online Shops For Your Indoor Oasis

Many of us have been spending a lot more time at home since the pandemic and have been trying to turn our houses into our own private havens. Plants are an amazing way to bring more life into your home, making it a much nicer space to live and work. From Instagram inspiration to TikTok trends, we’re still seeing the popularity of houseplants growing and people want to know how they can bring more green into their homes. 

One way of exploring the world of houseplants is with a plant subscription. Perfect for beginners or wannabe plant moms, a plant subscription can provide you with fresh plants, personalised to you, delivered safely to your doorstep. A subscription service gives you an expert guide to which plants will work best for you and your lifestyle, where to position them, what they need to thrive and how to care for your new plants. Plant subscriptions can take away a lot of the worry of owning house plants and can give you the confidence to learn more about plant care, as well as reaping the benefits of having more plants in your home!

What are the benefits of having houseplants?

Houseplants have several benefits, and they can positively impact your mental and emotional well-being. One of the main benefits of having houseplants is their ability to reduce your stress levels. Studies have found that plants in your home or office can make you feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural. The simple tasks associated with houseplants like repotting or watering them can serve as mini mental breaks, giving you time to focus on one thing and be present in the moment. Apart from relieving stress, plants can also help us be more focused and productive - perfect for your home office or workspace!

Researchers have used horticultural therapy to increase feelings of well-being among people with depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions. And according to a 2002 study, looking at plants and flowers may speed your recovery from an illness, injury, or surgery.

Houseplants can also improve the air quality of your home via phytoremediation, the process of plants scrubbing contaminants from the air. Plants such as the rubber tree, spider plant and Ficus tree are known for their air purifying abilities. 

p.s. we recently published a post about the sustainability behind houseplants. we understand filling your home with plants brings much joy and has a lower impact than flowers, but there are a few tips to make your experience more sustainable. we suggest propagating your new plants, choosing plants which can thrive without peat, using substitute plant food like these ones and collecting rainwater to feed them.

Now, our top picks for plant subscriptions to fill your home with green:

1) Horti

Horti has thoughtfully designed its monthly plant subscription box service as a program that takes you through different levels of plant care. You’ll get the tools and the tips to help you build lasting plant-care habits. Choose from a month-to-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription, and select new to planting, pet-friendly or Horti’s pick. They ship nationwide, and the shipping costs are included in the 6 and 12-month subscriptions. 

Shop Horti

2) Succulents Box

Launched in 2017, Succulents Box offers you 5 monthly subscription plants and more than 300 succulent varieties organically grown in California. Choose how many succulents or air plants you want each month, and then pick how many months you want the subscription to run for. Each month you’ll receive the guidance you need to look after your new plant babies and keep them happy.

Shop Succulents Box

3) The Sill

The Sill has a plant for everyone. Whether you need easy-care, low-light, or pet-friendly plants, they have got you covered. Choose from hundreds of Insta-worthy potted plants, from a cute Hoya heart succulent to a show-stopping Monstera. The Sill is the perfect subscription service for designing your ideal green space at home. 

Shop The Sill

4) Greendigs 

With a team of industry experts, avid gardeners and plant enthusiasts, Greendigs is the place to start your houseplant journey. There are hundreds of houseplants, succulents and herbs available to choose from, each with the expert guidance you need to take care of your plant and help it thrive. In addition, each plant comes with a ceramic pot and a starter supply of plant food to give your plant the best start in its new home. 

Shop Greendigs

5) Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock! is a seasonally based subscription of flower arrangements for your front porch or outdoor space. Each spring, summer, and fall, you will receive two plant arrangements delivered at the optimal growing stage, in bloom, with minimal TLC required to thrive! What a perfect, hassle-free way to give your front porch a seasonal refresh every season. 

Shop Knock! Knock!

6) My Garden Box

My Garden Box has a variety of plant subscription services, each offering a unique way to bring the outdoors into your home. The My Garden Box has everything you need to build relaxing and rewarding gardening projects, The Plant Club delivers their feature plant of the month to your door, and The Grow With Us Box is an opportunity for kids to learn and grow through gardening. They also have subscription services specifically for succulents, air plants and houseplants; just pick your style!

Shop My Garden Box

7) Bloomin Bin

Ideal for those looking for some more hands-on gardening, the Bloomin Box subscription services will send you seeds direct to your door along with in-depth instructions each month, designed to help any skill-level gardener plant their best garden. Choose from fruit and vegetable seeds, flower seeds, or both and get ready to earn your green thumb from the comfort of your own home!

Shop Bloomin Bin

8) Succulent Studios

Carefully curated at the Succulent Studios second-generation farm, each subscription box comes with two unique, organically-grown 8-week-old succulents. These baby plants ship in 100% plastic-free packaging with biodegradable pots. The subscription box also comes with plant identification cards and care instructions to help you be the best plant parent you can be.

Shop Succulent Studios

9) The House Plant Box

With 12 varieties of subscription services to choose from, The House Plant Box definitely has something for everyone! From large indoor plants to aquatic or air plants, choose the type of plant best suited to you and your home, and get started! Each month, you’ll receive a new plant, a detailed care card, and a nursery planter with soil. 

Shop The House Plant Box

10) Bloombox Club

Ready to dive into house plant parenthood? The Bloombox Club’s subscription service delivers a new plant to you, ranging in sizes to create your own indoor jungle! Each month you’ll receive a hand-picked plant, a ceramic pot or basket, a care card and their monthly Plants & Wellness course booklet. Plus, get a voucher to spend on plants when you pay annually, bi-annually or quarterly. 

Shop BloomBox Club

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