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Entrepreneurial Coaching & Consulting ◽ Marketing, IR & Capital Raising for Impact ◽ I help Mission Driven Founders Startup and Grow Ventures that Matter

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Please check my LinkedIn profile for more :linkedin(dot)com(slash)in(slash)florencehis


Please check my LinkedIn profile for more

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I serve as Marketing Director for Europe and Global Head of Impact Investment at Crito Capital (critocapital(dot)com), a Placement Agent boutique (Capital Raising Services) HQd in NYC and with presence in London.

I also founded and lead Business4People (business4ppol(dot)com), a consulting, coaching, investor relations and marketing company dedicated to serving mission-driven entrepreneurs, asset managers & investors. Our transformative coaching services (coach4ppol(dot)com) are designed to support a broad community of Entrepreneurial Minds and Inspired Leaders as they Iterate to Awesome.

In July 2020, I became a Mentor, Faculty & Global Partner at the Entrepreneurs Institute and their GeniusU (geniusu(dot)com) online education platform for entrepreneurs committed to igniting their Genius and finding their Flow.

Advisor at Insaan (insaangroup(dot)org), a boutique impact investment charity allocating philanthropic capital to tackle poverty. 

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Dear members, I hope you had a nice summer and were able to take some time to relax and enjoy friends and family, despite the pandemic. 

On my side, I have been busy supporting Insaan and their catalytic philanthropy model and wanted to introduce them to you after having found out about this group's involvement in the philanthropic space. 

First a short introduction. Insaan: 

  • is a boutique investment entity that allocates philanthropic capital (donations, grants) to tackle poverty. It does so by focusing on catalytic impact investments – with all returns being reinvested for the world’s poorest and, on its Global Good Lab which seeks to create and scale systemic innovations. Investments (equity) are made in Education, Health and Supply Chain businesses either founded, co-founded or led by Women and which positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable populations (of which >51% are Women and Girls), in India and Sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • is on its way to raising US$10 million from like-minded partners (donors) who would value the opportunity of committing ideally $1,000,000 - $200,000 a year, for 5 Years, to Change 1,000,000 lives. 
  • has developed a proprietary digital Impact Reporting framework (PPS*) that provides a holistic, meaningful, balanced and yet succinct view of a non-profit’s performance for which an App is currently in preparation. To illustrate what the PPS reporting framework looks like, Insaan’s own 2020 annual report has been prepared using this specific tool and can be found on their website.
  • is a registered charitable entity in the US 501(c)(3) with established legal presence in India (Delhi), Europe (the Netherlands) and The United Kingdom (London). 

Most recent media contributions : 

  • How can we close the gap between the inclusive discourse and the reality of capital allocation? The Case for Catalytic Philanthropy [impactentrepreneur(dot)com] 
  • How to Help Afghans : Suggestions for impactful and respectful giving [alliancemagazine(dot)org] 

Latest investments: 

  • Essmart : last mile distribution, tech, India, [essmart-global(dot)com] 
  • Access Afya - clinic in a box model, Africa, [accessafya(dot)com] - a recent beneficiary- was also selected (video) for the pilot of the AUDA-NEPAD Pandemic Resilience Accelerator, supported by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It is an empowering example of the power of collaboration

Insaan’s Big Ask : To reach its goal of changing 1,000,000 lives, Insaan is looking for the support of like-minded partners that would value the opportunity of committing ideally $1,000,000 - $200,000 a year for 5 years. Tax-Exemptions are possible for donators located in various geographies, conditions apply.

We would welcome an opportunity for Insaan to introduce their work and find out more about your potential interest for supporting them should your grant making policy fit the scope of their intervention. 

With immense gratitude for your consideration, 


Florence His, Advisor to Insaan 

  • About Insaan : Insaan is a boutique impact investment entity that allocates philanthropic capital to tackle poverty. It is a registered charitable entity in the US - 501(c)(3)- with established legal presence in India (Delhi), Europe (the Netherlands) and The United Kingdom. 
  • About Insaan’s Founder : Farahnaz, Insaan’s founder and CEO, is a social entrepreneur, political scientist and humanist. She has worked with the United Nations, non-profits and the World Bank in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Kenya and Tanzania. In parallel, she has pursued an academic path in political science as a teaching fellow at Harvard University for the late Professor Stanley Hoffmann and, more recently, as a faculty member at Zayed University in Dubai, lecturing on global history and humanities. Farahnaz holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University (USA), a Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland) and a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University (Canada). She is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Exeter (UK). Farahnaz serves on the board of directors of Insaan Group, and as an observer and/or advisor on all social enterprises backed by Insaan, as well as on the board of the Oxford Institute of Charity. 
  • More about PPS(*) : PPS stands for “Philanthropic Performance Statement” and is a Digital Snapshot Statement, similar to a financial statement, but applicable to charitable entities, and expandable into more detailed information covering organizational/legal information, impact measurement data, financial metrics and trends, as well as governance data, with the aim of providing a holistic, meaningful, balanced and yet succinct view of a non-profit’s performance. The PPS is derived from PS 48626, a Code of Practice for Non-Profits developed by Philanthropy Age and Insaan Group, with guidance from the British Standards Institute, and in consultation with a global Steering Group, composed of donors, practitioners, regulators and academics. The Code lays out the conceptual foundation on which PPS stands.

Florence His 

Advisory and Capital Raising Services for Impact 

France : +33(0)6 27 56 88 67 



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