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Survivor of 30 years in aviation, making a change.
Pioneering aviation change (i.e. 1996 first ever corporate flight booking online)
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"Juergen is one of the very few people, I really mean, very few, people that understand both airlines and airports." [Ned Macesic, former VP SITA.aero]
Life is the best teacher. Followed closely by my two kids. Aside a degree in Wholesale and Foreign Trade Economics.
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Entertainer for my kid-girls, aviation-veteran, I hold to the motto of a very early mentor I had: “For those who agree or disagree, it is the exchange of ideas that broadens all of our knowledge”. Working to fund the launch of an airline we want to become carbon-neutral, which will be socially responsible and sustainable beyond white- or greenwashing, I learned that family offices think long-term like we do. Whereas we do understand that impact investing is not philanthropy. But it also needs a clear understanding of the definition of "impact". Given our mindset we naturally impact on all 17 U.N. SDGs. But also target to make money doing that!
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