Welcome to Camomile Impact Community

Hi, I am Sveta Banerjee, the Founder of Camomile. 

Welcome to the number one global impact community platform of entrepreneurs, impact investors, experts and people driven by creation of positive social and environmental impact in the world. We act and aim to solve SDG! 

Among our members are world leaders such as Head of European Investment bank, Prince Michael of Lichtenstein, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and many others. 

What can you do on the platform? Fundraise for your project or business, find resources, expertise, advisory board and team members, find partners, engage for projects and of course invest with impact. And much much more! 

Look. The world is changing Impact Investing is not just a moral choice, it is a SMART choice to be successful in today’s world. 

I am looking forward to see you at Camomile!

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