Project Joya: Help India against Covid: Donation CHF200
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Project Joya: Help India against Covid: Donation CHF200

This project is set up in the name of my sister Joya. Her whole life she supported and helped the poor and underprivileged in India. After a short fight with Covid, she passed away on 29.04.2021

In her memory, we created this Global project. Everyone is welcome to support in any way he or she can. You can do so directly to the projects we are going to list here. We will select the ones which are most effective and efficient and are helping the neediest.

The first Indian foundation we have selected to partner is Safe in India Foundation (

They require fund to implement the following plan.

Plans for Covid19 Wave 2: A number of initiatives in pilot/development using our core strengths and partnerships. We are not rushing into quick fixes as many solutions will be needed for several months. We will need to be nimble and flexible to assist in real needs:

1. Set up an Isolation/Assistance Centre (“Bachao Ghar”) in Naharpur village, Manesar (near Gurgaon; population c.150,000) with basic medical equipment for workers who live in crowded rooms/tenements, with separate space and toilets for women, community kitchen, etc in coordination with local Sarpanch, police and administration. 

2. Join partner NGOs to set up a call centre that sits in the middle of workers and doctors to improve coordination, provide reliable latest information/advice on disease, equipment, medical facilities available, etc and to refer only the deserving cases to doctors for advice. 

3. Provide an income source to workers through a regular survey programme (“Bolo Toh Jaane”) on ESIC’s Covid services also empowering them with knowledge and helping ESIC react better to Covid19 wave 2 than wave 1: Workers will conduct regular surveys, for which they will be paid, of their fellow workers on ESIC’s services. Quick regular feedback will help millions of workers eg. a better unemployment scheme can disburse Rs 500+ crore rupees compared to INR 50 crores now. 

4. Supply oxygen concentrators/cylinders in areas of dire need: Good quality hardware is needed in areas where mainstream distribution does not reach. 

5. Set up Oxygen generation capacity in ESIC Hospitals as many of them are short in this capacity. Each hospital can serve 0.5m workers. 

Budget and Reporting: The total cost of all the above will be in excess of USD 300'000. Progress will be reported through regular SII blogs/updates, at least monthly.

You can read more on their detailed activities and background here.

For their present requirement, they are looking to buy:
An Oxygen Generation Plant of 200-500 LPM for an ESIC hospital in Manesar that serves more than 0.5m workers and their families and this will give them a long term solution.

All support for procuring this machine is most welcome.

All Indian residents: Here you will find all Banking details for your donation.

For all non-Indian residents: press the button PAY below to donate.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions or advice.

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