SIB: We Have Solutions! (Season 3, Episode 5)

October 8th, 2021

SIB: We Have Solutions!
(Season 3, Episode 5)

“Indigenous people must be part of the solution to climate change, this is because they have the traditional knowledge of their ancestors. The important value of that knowledge simply cannot, and must not be understated” (Ms. Patricia Espinosa – Executive Secretary of UNFCCC).

What happens when the Eagle and the Condor meet? Kasike Nibonrix Kaiman of the Yukayeke Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Humming Bird Taino People) shared with us and the world the answer.
 It was a true honour to welcome a man full of wisdom and possessing a deep sense of empathy.

The Peace and Dignity journey, where he represents the Caribbean, is an inter-tribal prayer run which is connected to a prophecy. The whole concept is to connect indigenous people again throughout the Americas. Every four years indigenous people from Alaska and people from all way from Argentina connect with each other through a spiritual prayer run…literally running. A group from Alaska runs to a central space in the continent and a group runs from Argentina as well, and along the way they are hosted by different indigenous villages so they can learn their stories, teachings and ways so that they can be shared with each other and the world.

The western world has historically oppressed indigenous communities, taking many of them to the brink of extinction, and the ones that managed to survive are still being threatened by the “developed” world and its extractive industries. Moreover, besides destroying their culture, many have visited their communities to learn from them, take the ancestral knowledge that was given to them by heart and use it back in their countries to make a profit for it. Any form of colonization, abuse and disrespect towards indigenous people need to cease.

Indigenous people’s ancestral knowledge is often disregarded by the rest of the world. Ironically, the ancestral knowledge that they have been living by for centuries, is the one which is held as the principles of the SDGs today. This consolidation in paper took centuries for the rest of the world to achieve. The answers, Kasike Kalaan says, are around us, we just need to pay attention, we just need to be open and aware.

Kasike Kalaan shared their prophecy to the world in the TV Show. The Prophecy reveal that the Eagle from the North and the Condor from the South influence the world in different way when they are in charge. The former brings technology and the later healing, They both alternate this position of influence every 500 years, and we just entered in the age of the Condor, meaning that again South is going to be the dominating culture.

He said that Humanity ought to think of other species as entities with souls, and not separated soulless objects to be exploited. Understanding and promoting interconnectedness, Kasike Kalaan says, are vital to advancement in the consciousness shift which will make us be aligned with the current Earth cycle. He invited us all to be patient and cherish nature’s time.

Finally, Kasike Kalaaan call to action. “Start with acknowledging the sun in the morning, pay attention to the moon cycle, try to be connected with this planet we are living on, try to understand how integral it is to our existence”.


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Next week, we are having another amazing guest, Professor Jan Peter Balkenende. He is the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands and among many roles today, he is Member of the World Leadership Alliance - Club de Madrid and aso Chairs Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition. He is going to give his opinión on – are we on track with the global agenda and how does the future of Capitalism in Europe look like?


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