Amazon Deforestation. Why do Academic Theories Fail?

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Why do Academic Theories Fail?

A few days back was having a couple of beers with friends and enjoying a discussion. During the discussion, I reached the opinion that simple academic theories and models which seem like the most logical somehow don’t seem to work in real life. I will like to speak of one such example.

Being from the Netherlands which is one of the founding members of the European Union, we grew up tainted with the history of the Second World War. One such established theory was that when nations are interlinked economically then they have no reason to go to war with each other. That is because the nations are dependent on each other. 

But then History gave contradictory examples. In the 1930s Germany-Soviet and also Germany-France were economically exceedingly dependent on each other. One such event was the 1937 accord, signed between Germany and France increased their trade dramatically. Even to such a level that within three years Germany’s commercial debt to France was erased and yet France was invaded. Same between Nazi Germany and Soviets, who had very similar economic systems and their industries were entwined yet the Soviets were attacked. 

I don’t mean that these theories or the models are wrong. It is more about the fact that despite our high esteem of ourselves, we humans are one such species that does not seem to follow logic. 

How many more of such theories coming from the academic world is destined to fail? Is this the reason, why the models and theories to protect our environment, save the amazon from deforestation are failing because nothing can be more logical than living sustainably and in harmony with nature?

Ben 10.09.2021


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