15 Sustainable And Non-Toxic Pillow Brands For A Good Night’s Sleep

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We only add brands & products we truly believe in.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, we earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. We only add brands & products we truly believe in.


For many years, sleep was not my priority. As a young adult, I thought that neglecting my sleep wouldn’t do much harm. I know that so many people are guilty of this, but this isn’t a healthy way to live. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our well-being, health, and ability to concentrate. We not only should get at least seven hours of shut-eye per night, but we also need to make sure that we are sleeping well. 

One of the best ways to improve our sleep quality is by investing in comfortable pillows. However, most pillows contain hazardous chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to all night long. 

These conventional pillows are not only unhealthy, but they’re also not sustainably made. The key to avoiding them is to buy your sleep pillows from brands that care about your health and the planet.

Here is a compilation of 16 brands that make sustainable and non-toxic pillows! 


Sustainable and non-toxic pillows are made from eco-friendly materials, without using any harsh chemicals and treatments. 

An easy way to know if you’re investing in a healthy pillow is to check if it has been certified non-toxic by MADE SAFE, or if the brand received the Greenguard Gold certification. Both are proof that you will not be exposed to unsafe chemicals while sleeping. 

Do not forget to make sure that the pillow you are purchasing is of good quality. It needs to be comfortable, provide proper support, and keep its shape with time. 

Sustainable pillows are also made by transparent companies that pay their workers well, and that often give back to non-profit organizations. 


When looking for a non-toxic pillow, always choose one made from natural materials. Here are some materials you can find in sustainable pillows:

  • GOTS-certified organic cotton

  • GOLS-certified organic latex 

  • Buckwheat hulls

  • Eucalyptus or kapok tree fiber

  • Sugarcane fiber

  • Woolmark-certified wool

  • Responsible Down Standard certified down 

    These materials are even more sustainable if they’re organic and certified by Oeko-Tex or CertiPur-US. They’re all sustainable, but each one has a different feel. So choose your favorite depending on your preferences! 


Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Birch.jpg

1) Birch

Materials: Organic Cotton, Latex, Wool, Recycled Material 

Price: $75-99 

Birch is an American brand selling organic sleep products made from sustainable materials. All its products are handcrafted and made in the United States. 

The brand makes two pillows, each with different eco-friendly materials. The Birch Organic Pillow includes cruelty-free wool that is ethically sourced from New Zealand farms, organic cotton, and natural latex that is Oeko-Tex certified. 

The Eco-Rest Pillow is filled with 100% recycled material that is sustainably sourced in the US, and wrapped in an organic cotton case. 

All Birch’s products are GOTS-certified, meaning that they’re organic, ethically produced and free of hazardous chemicals. They also received the Greenguard Gold certification, and the company works with Fair Trade certified factories.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Ecosleep.jpg

2) Ecosleep

Materials: Latex, Memory Foam, Organic Cotton 

Price: $44-129

Ecosleep is a mattress and bedding collection by Brooklyn Bedding. The brand makes four different pillows, each with unique characteristics. 

Ecosleep’s latex pillow has an organic cotton cover, and its latex foam is certified as Oeko-Tex Class I.

This pillow delivers up to seven times greater airflow than other latex foams on the market, so it’s perfect if you prefer a cooler night’s sleep! 

The brand also sells memory foam pillows that conform to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders. Their foams are CertiPUR-US certified, and they’re all antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to bacteria, dust mites and mold. 

I love that Brooklyn Bedding strives for zero waste as its manufacturing facility recycles 99% of all materials!

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Savvy Rest .jpg

3) Savvy Rest

Materials: Natural Latex, Organic Wool, a Wool-Natural Latex Blend, Organic Kapok Fiber

Price: $109-239

Savvy Rest has 7 styles of organic pillows!

Three are formed natural latex, and four have customizable loose fill—shredded natural latex, organic wool, a wool-natural latex blend, or organic kapok fiber.

All their organic pillows have unbleached, naturally-colored organic cotton casings with a soft flannel finish.

They even have body pillows!

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4) Sleep & Beyond

Materials: Latex, Wool, Cotton 

Price: $119-139

Sleep & Beyond is a family-owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding. It creates pillows of various shapes, including sleep training pillows, side pillows as well as standard pillows. The brand’s pillows are filled with latex or wool, encased in Oeko-Tex certified cotton fiber. They’re designed to provide proper neck support and help reduce neck pains and headaches. 

All Sleep & Beyond’s wool is Woolmark-certified for 100% pure wool quality, and the brand received the Fair Trade certification. It also makes sure that every left-over raw material from the production process is reused in some way. 

The company has also been providing comforters and pillows to different social justice organizations, including GIFT, a non-profit that helps victims of human trafficking.

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5) Cozy Earth

Materials: Silk, Bamboo

Price: $223

Cozy Earth creates beautiful bedding and loungewear for women and men, mainly from bamboo. 

Available in standard and king size, the brand’s pillow is made from an all-natural AAA grade 100% long-strand Mulberry silk, and is free of harsh chemicals. The shell is super soft and luxurious, made of viscose from pesticide-free bamboo fabric. This pillow is temperature regulating, which means that you don’t need to worry about sweaty nights anymore.

It’s also easily moldable and great for allergy sufferers. It truly feels like a cloud! 

Cozy Earth’s pillow is on the pricier side, but it’s well-made, long-lasting and the brand offers a 10-year warranty. The pillow is also machine-washable and free of harmful dyes.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | SOL Organics.jpg

6) SOL Organics

Materials: Down, Organic Cotton

Price: $119

SOL Organics is a bedding company that makes its linens and other products from organic cotton, using low-impact organic dyes. 

The brand sells a hypoallergenic pillow made from 100% Canadian white down that is responsibly sourced, and wrapped in an organic cotton shell. Since it’s made from 100% natural materials, this pillow is very lightweight and breathable. 

SOL Organics uses Fair Trade and GOTS-certified cotton, and its down received the DOWNMARK certification. It means that the company meets strict requirements, ensuring humane down harvesting practices and ethical treatment of birds. 

The brand offers carbon-free shipping, and donates $7.50 of each purchase to a social justice or environmental charity selected by the customer.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Avocado.jpg

7) Avocado

Materials: Organic Latex, Organic Cotton

Price: $25-99

Avocado makes mattresses, pillows and bedding with only organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. 

The brand sells standard pillows that are handmade from GOLS organic latex and GOTS organic cotton in its factory in California. It even sells mini pillows that are great for traveling, as well as a small non-toxic pillow made for toddlers. 

All Avocado’s pillows are Greenguard Gold certified by UL Environment. It means that they meet the most rigorous standards for chemical and pollutant exposure. 

Avocado is a certified B Corporation, a member of 1% For The Planet, and it became climate-neutral in 2019. One year later, the company took it one step further by going carbon negative, offsetting more carbon emissions than it generates.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Buffy.png

8) Buffy

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Eucalyptus Fiber 

Price: $49-69

Buffy sells eco-friendly pillows, comforters and linens made from innovative and sustainable materials like eucalyptus, hemp, and recycled plastic. 

The brand makes a standard sleep pillow, as well as a body pillow, both filled with a soft fiber made from recycled plastic bottles that were diverted from landfills and oceans. 

They’re covered in a 100% eucalyptus fabric that is certified by Oeko-Tex. It is more sustainable than cotton as eucalyptus is grown using a lot less water. The mill also plants four trees for every three it harvests, thus contributing to forest conservation. 

Buffy reveals the carbon footprint of its pillows, and offsets all its CO2 emissions from freight and shipping. To top it all, it ships its pillows in FSC-certified recycled cardboard boxes! 

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Naturepedic.png

9) Naturepedic

Materials: Organic Latex, Organic Cotton, Sugarcane Fiber

Price: $79-99

Naturepedic creates comfortable bedding, pillows and mattresses for the whole family. 

The brand offers three types of pillows, all made in the USA. They’re made of FSC and GOLS-certified organic latex, or PLA, a non-toxic sustainable fiber derived from non-GMO sugarcane. 

PLA is a great innovative material that has wonderful moisture-wicking properties, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. The outer fabric of Naturepedic pillows is made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, which makes the pillow super soft and breathable. 

The brand’s pillows are certified non-toxic by MADE SAFE and the company received the Gold certification by GreenGuard. 

Naturepedic is also a member of 1% For The Planet, and has partnered with many other environmental organizations.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | White Lotus Home.png

10) White Lotus Home

Materials: Kapok Fiber, Organic Cotton, Latex, Buckwheat, Wool

Price: $32-139

White Lotus Home has been making high-quality mattresses, bedding, pillows and other home goods since 1981. All its products are handcrafted by skilled artisans in New Jersey. 

It has a variety of sleep pillows to choose from, for all budgets and in different natural materials. The company sells 100% organic cotton pillows hand-stuffed to avoid lumps for extra comfort. 

White Lotus Home’s wool pillows are made from free-range and pasture-fed sheep, and its latex pillow is perfect for people with dust and mold allergies. 

The brand also sells pillows made from buckwheat hulls, as well as pillows made with kapok fiber, which comes from a Central American tree. How cool is that?!

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Coyuchi.png

11) Coyuchi

Materials: Organic Latex, Organic Cotton, Down 

Price: $58-218

Coyuchi creates clothing for the whole family, as well as a variety of home goods, including sheets, pillows and towels. 

The brand sells different GOLS-certified latex pillows. They’re all super soft, comfortable and supportive! You can also choose down pillows, filled with down from an Indiana farm that raises its ducks humanely. 

Coyuchi even makes a small pillow, perfect for toddlers or for traveling. The brand’s body pillow offers extra support, which is great for pregnant women or people suffering from back pain. I love that all the inner pillow covers are made of GOTS organic cotton! 

Coyuchi also has a take-back program for old linens that are either renewed and sold on the second-hand Coyuchi platform, or they are recycled.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Rawganique.jpg

12) Rawganique

Materials: Hemp, Kapok, Buckwheat, Organic Cotton, Latex, Wool

Price: $73-189

Rawganique creates unique organic cotton, hemp and linen clothing, as well as home products, all handcrafted in the USA and Europe. The brand offers a variety of bed pillows to choose from, all made with eco-friendly materials. Rawganique sells super soft pillows made of kapok tree fiber, organic wool, organic buckwheat hulls and latex. 

But my favorite ones are the brand’s hemp pillows! They’re made of 100% organically grown hemp, which is very breathable and optimal for temperature control. It is so unusual to find pillows with hemp fill, and this material has so many benefits

The brand only uses organic materials in its products, and all its pillows are free of toxic chemicals and dyes.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Happsy.png

13) Happsy

Materials: Organic Latex, Organic Cotton

Price: $59

Happsy sells the first fully certified organic mattress in-a-box, as well as a few sleep accessories, including pillows. 

The company makes a soft pillow made with GOLS organic latex, and wrapped in a GOTS organic cotton fabric. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the United States, it is designed to provide great support and proper spinal alignment.

Happsy pillow has been scrutinized by MADE SAFE experts who make sure products do not contain harmful ingredients. It also received the Greenguard Gold certification, which means that you will not be exposed to dangerous chemicals while sleeping. 

The company is climate-neutral and partnered with 1% For The Planet to donate part of its profits to environmental causes.

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14) PlushBeds

Materials: Latex, Memory Foam, Tencel, Wool, Down, Cotton, Polyester

Price: $48-236

PlushBeds has been a pioneer in the production of sustainable American-made mattresses and sleep accessories. 

The company offers a wide variety of pillows to choose from. It sells GOLS-certified latex pillows that have wonderful ventilation, which is ideal for people who tend to be hot during the night.

PlushBeds’ goose down pillows are Responsible Down Standard certified. It means that the down was produced ethically, without animal cruelty (including no live-plucking and force-feeding).

You can buy pillows made of responsibly sourced wool that is 100% chemical and cruelty-free. The brand also makes awesome soothing and pressure-relieving memory foam pillows.

PlushBeds’ products are eco-INSTITUT and Greenguard Gold certified. The company regularly supports social justice and environmental non-profits.

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Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | The Best Sustainable Pillows | Brentwood Home.jpg

15) Brentwood Home

Materials: Memory Foam, Tencel, Polyester

Price: $25-87

Brentwood Home makes mattresses, sheets, pillows and yoga cushions for the whole family. 

The brand sells classic and wedge pillows that received the Greenguard Gold certification. Its wedge pillows have a gradual slope, providing comfortable support. They should help ease respiratory problems, as well as neck and shoulder pain. 

Brentwood Home’s pillows are crafted in its Los Angeles factory that is FSC, GOLS and GOTS organic certified. They’re all made with plant-based memory foam, derived from vegetable materials, such as castor oil beans, corn, soybeans and sunflower seeds. 

The company is 100% carbon negative, and it has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant more than 10,000 trees within the United States.

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