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EXAIR Super Air Knife

The compact EXAIR Super Air Knife provides a uniform, high-volume, high-velocity sheet of laminar airflow across the entire length that is adjustable from a gentle blowing force to a hard-hitting blast of air. The energy-efficient design minimises compressed air use by entraining 40 parts room air to one part compressed air, providing an efficient way to blowoff, clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors.

Designed to use only one-third of the compressed air of typical blowoffs used in cleaning, cooling and drying operations, the air knife can be instantly cycled on and off, further reducing compressed air usage and costs.

Even at high pressures of 80 psig (5.5 bar), the sound level is quiet at 69 dBA for most applications. The air knife is CE compliant and meets WorkSafe Australia and OSHA dead-end pressure and noise requirements.

Available in many lengths from 3″ (76 mm) up to 108″ (2743 mm), the air knife comes in a variety of materials that include aluminium, type 303 stainless steel, type 316 stainless steel and PVDF plastic.

Applications include part drying after wash, sheet cleaning in strip mills, conveyor cleaning, drying food products, cooling hot materials and parts, web drying or cleaning, environmental separation, pre-paint blowoff, bag opening/filling operations and scrap removal on converting operations.

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