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MOVIGEAR with the times

As sustainability becomes a more dominant topic in today’s industry, it is now a more measurable focus in the present social, economic and environmental arenas. It is therefore important for businesses to move forward and be in alignment with such subsequent topics as, footprint reductions, operational efficiencies and optimization of resources. From a drive system perspective, this need for alignment can be made possible with SEW-EURODRIVE’s mechatronic drive system and solutions, setting new standards for efficiency and functionality.

The MOVIGEAR Performance as a mechatronic drive unit has several advantages over traditional drive solutions. This was the first product in the MOVI-C modular automation system designed for decentralized installation. It combines three core products into a fully serviceable, lightweight but compact housing: gear unit, permanent magnet motor and inverter. Integrating these components extends the product’s overall efficiency, capability and reliability; it combines the technical and practical advantages of all three drive components.

With MOVIGEAR, you can achieve energy savings of up to 50% in comparison to a traditional drive system. This is made possible by utilising the highest motor efficiency class IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2 and maximum system efficiency to IEC 61800-9-2. These features make the MOVIGEAR mechatronic drive solution a highly efficient, energy-optimized complete solution.

Typical areas of application for the new product portfolio include conveying applications in the food and beverage industry, intralogistics/parcel logistics, and airports.

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