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Nisolo at Made Trade

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The Best Sustainable Shoes

It is incredible how many sustainable shoe brands you can find today. From sneakers to heels, boots to flip flops, pretty much any style you can find a sustainable option.

If you are specifically looking for men’s shoes, check out this post here.We also have a post dedicated to Rain Boots, Winter Boots, Heels, Sandals, Sneakers & Slippers.

What Makes a Shoe Sustainable?

When it comes to sustainable shoes, there are many things we look for - Who makes them? What are they made from? Can we wear them for years to come? Seeing transparency within the supply chain is very important to us at Sustainably Chic. We want to make sure the person making the shoes is treated well and makes a fair wage.

What Types of Eco-Friendly Materials Should You Look For?

The notion of a perfect biodegradable shoe is just not a reality yet. Shoes are tricky because you want them to last - materials aren’t always ideal. Still, we prefer to find veggie-tanned leathers (sometimes this can be more difficult if you are working with artisans in smaller communities) and recycled rubbers/polyesters, so at least we aren’t creating new virgin threads for a pair of shoes. Many of these brands listed also use natural fibers like organic cotton, hemp, and wool, and some of these brands are even doing amazing things like using apple peels or algae!

Now, Our Top Picks for Sustainable Shoe Brands:

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1) Munjoi

Price | $98

Materials | Bloom foam (made from algae waste), sugar cane, cotton, hemp

Munjoi’s All-Dai shoe is super innovative - it’s a sneaker that converts into a sandal and back again!

These are versatile, flexible, and made from incredibly lightweight and eco-friendly materials. They even come with drainage holes for letting air in and water out.

Shop Munjoi
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion Blog | The Best Sustainable Shoe Brands | Sustainable Shoes by Made Trade.jpeg

2) Made Trade

Price | $47-445

Made Trade houses a bunch of different sustainable shoe brands.

It’s nice to be able to shop from several different designers at once, & they have everything from sandals to boots.

Some of our favorite brands can be found in there, too!

Made Trade also has a big collection of shoes for men - from slippers to dress shoes, you’ll be able to find something to add to their closet.

Shop Made Trade
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3) Able

Price | $44-120

Materials | Leather

FashionABLE believes in order to end poverty we must provide jobs for those lacking opportunity, particularly for women. 

Their collection of veggie-tanned leather shoes is absolutely beautiful. They have heels, flats, boots & sandals.

Their leather comes in all different colors and even a few prints!

Shop Able

4) Allbirds

Price | $98-135

Materials | Eucalyptus Tree Fiber, Wool

What started as one pair of unisex sneakers has since expanded into a full line of shoes, socks, & now underwear. Allbirds uses eco-friendly materials like sustainably-sourced wool, TENCEL, sugarcane, natural castor bean oil, and recycled plastic bottles, cardboard, & nylon.

Shop Allbirds

5) Earth Shoes

Price | $100 - 245

Materials | LWG Leather, Water-Based Adhesives, Rice Husk, Natural Rubber, Organic Cotton, Recycled Materials

If you are looking for comfort and classic styles, look no further than Earth Shoes! This shoe brand has 3 collections with 2 of them focusing strongly on sustainability - Earth Elements & Kalso. They also plant trees with every purchase.

Shop Earth Shoes

6) Nisolo

Price | $90-250

Materials | LWG & Veggie-Tanned Leathers

All shoes are made of leather that originates from Leather Working Group certified tanneries, which meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility in the industry. Some models even have vegetable-tanned leather outsoles. Nisolo is a certified B corporation. Entirely carbon neutral, it offsets its carbon footprint by investing in forest conservation projects in the Peruvian Amazon. 

Shop Nisolo

7) Saola Shoes

Price | $70-110

Materials | Recycled PET & Algae Foam

Saola Shoes has partnered with the team at Bloom Foam who removes harmful algae from the water and puts it through a process that dries, crushes and converts it into powder. This powder is then mixed with EVA to become Algae Foam, used for sole construction. Pretty cool, huh?!

Shop Saola

8) Rothys

Price | $65-165

Materials | Recycled Plastic Bottles

Can you believe these guys are made from recycled water bottles with 3D knit technology?! This type of material makes for a super sturdy shoe, and you can even clean them in your wash machine. Plus, you have several colors and styles to choose from so your closet is covered! 

Shop Rothy's
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9) Dr.Scholl’s Shoes

Price | $35+

Materials | Recycled Plastics, Plant-Based Materials, Waterless Dyeing Techniques, Leather sourced from Leather Working Group

I was very excited to partner with Dr.Scholl’s Shoes this past Spring. I love seeing bigger brands going above & beyond to become more sustainable. Read all about their sustainability initiatives here.

code: SUSTAINABLYCHIC30FS for 30% off and free shipping

Shop Dr.Scholl's Shoes
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10) Baabuk

Price | $65-135

Materials | Wool

Why wool, you may ask?

Well, it's great at keeping your feet at the perfect temperature because of its wicking properties, and it's been made to be tear resistant & water repellant.

You must check out their line of slippers, as well {they have them for the kiddos, too!}. 

Shop Baabuk
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11) Thesus

Price | $80-198

Materials | Recycled Rubber, Post-Industrial Car Seat Leather

I own a pair of their rainboots, and I haven’t bought a new pair for several years, now.

They also have winter boots that are vegan & will keep you dry all-year long.

Plus, their vegan sneakers are made from recycled car seat leather!!

Shop Alice & Whittles
Sustainably Chic | Sustainable Fashion Blog | The Best Sustainable Shoe Brands | Sustainable Shoes by Oka-B.jpg

12) Oka-B

Price | $30-45

Materials | Bio-Based & Recyclable

Oka-B is a women-led company that makes flip flips, sandals, and flats out of a bio-based material that’s completely recyclable.

Everything is made in closed-loop process in their Georgia facility. Plus, they’re really durable, washable, and slip-resistant, which definitely sets them apart from most other flip flips I’ve owned!

Shop Oka-B

13) Vivaia

Price | $79-199

Materials | Recycled Plastic, Vegan Leathers, Wool

Vivaia uses unique shoe-making technology that creates a 3D knit with zero-waste. This brand is similar to Rothy’s, but they have many different styles and patterns. From tall boots to sneakers, Vivaia has every event & outfit covered!

Shop Vivaia

14) Vivobarefoot

Price |$88-260

Materials | Recycled Plastic, Algae, Hemp, Woolmark Wool, Wild Hide Leather

We’ve always thought this shoe brand was something special. Vivobarefoot is making what footwear is supposed to be like for our feet. Natural feet are wide, flexible and sensory. These boots help your feet do their natural thing! If you’re interesting learning more on how shoes are stealing your strength & mobility, check out their Shoespiracy documentary.

Shop Vivobarefoot


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