12 Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie

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Ethical & sustainable Alternatives to Anthropologie

Ethical clothing and home decor alternatives to Anthropologie do exist - so you don’t have to give up that gorgeous aesthetic completely! 

Why I don’t Support Anthropologie

When I was in high school during the early 2000s, I was IN LOVE with Anthropologie. Of course, I usually shopped the sale sections, and even in college, I worked right across from one in the mall. I spent a lot of my money - and time - in that store. I still own several pieces from the brand and enjoy browsing their stores whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately, they aren’t a company I support anymore because their transparency is, well… not really a thing. There is no indication for a regard of the environment or the people behind the clothes. They’ve also been scrutinized several times in the past for racial profiling with shoppers and even staff. 

What about their parent brand urban outfitters?

The same goes for Urban Outfitters and Free People - although many have said Free People clothing is more transparent and ‘ethical.’ Personally, I don’t trust any label under the overarching company URBN. There are so many other brands you can support where your money will better benefit the makers and planet.

I figured many of you also love Anthropologie, so I thought I would put a list together of sustainable & ethical brands I think reflect their overall aesthetic. I hope you enjoy it & let me know if you feel any should be added to the list! 

Our Top Ethical Alternatives to Anthropologie:

1) Made Trade

Inviting, wonderfully organized, and lovely to look through, Made Trade is one of the best online stores for ethical and sustainable goods! It’s inclusive of many different price points, sizes, styles, and values so no matter where you are in your sustainable journey, you’ll be sure to fall in love with something. 

Made Trade verifies that each product adheres to one (or more) of these values: fair trade, sustainable materials, recycled/upcycled materials, person/people of color-owned, woman/women-owned, USA made, vegan, and handcrafted.

They make sure each product covers one {or more} of these values - Sustainable, Fair Trade, Heritage, USA Made & Vegan. Each value has a little symbol that is placed right next to the product so you know exactly what category it falls under.

From home decor and bedding to apparel and jewelry, Made Trade offers sustainable, ethically made, and beautiful goods for the modern home and wardrobe.

Shop Made Trade
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2) Rare & Fair

This ethical brand is just lovely! Rare & Fair, based out of the UK, is a boutique slow fashion brand promoting handmade clothes and accessories by artisans using natural, sustainable materials. The gorgeous yellow dress pictured is made of pure Ikat sustainable silk. I’ve always been a big fan of story telling, and this is the type of fabric that does this perfectly. Ikat weaving, also known locally as “Mudmee”, is a traditional tie-dye method and the oldest form of pattern weaving in Thailand. You can learn a lot from their clothing, & add special stories to your closet!

Shop Rare & Fair
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3) Shades of Green

Here is your replacement for Anthro’s home decor and kitchen goods! Shades of Green is quickly going to become your new favorite for all things sustainable home. Their carefully curated collection goes through a vigorous product evaluation so you can be confident you are buying a lasting, quality product that is easy on the planet. From recycled hand-blown glass drinking glasses to Colombian palm leaf bread baskets, every piece they have placed in their shop has a story and makes for a lovely aesthetic.

Shop Shades of Green
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4) Christy Dawn

This brand has some of the most beautiful dresses. I love looking at their pieces online, and one day, I’ll buy one!

What I thought was super impressive was their total price transparency so you know exactly why their dresses are priced where they are.

Besides their lovely dress collection, they also have cozy sweaters, tops, bottoms and even some sweet little face masks!

Shop Christy Dawn
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5) Mata Traders

I’ve always loved this brand. They make such beautiful dresses with lots of fun, lovely prints. All of their dresses are made by artisans in India and Nepal, which help provide a stable source of income for families in economically disadvantaged communities.

“A love affair with India has evolved into Mata Traders – a design driven, fair trade fashion brand helping to end global poverty & inspire consumers to change the fashion industry.” Mata Traders

Shop Mata Traders
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6) People Tree

Definitely a favorite amongst the sustainable fashion community, this brand has been making ethical clothing longer than most. Their newest collection is just stunning, too, and I’m loving these fun stripes for summertime.

“Contemporary, versatile designs and playful, exclusive prints inspired by the V&A archives create stylish, innovative and affordable fashion while respecting people and the planet.” - People Tree

Shop People Tree
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7) Sezane

If there was one brand that I would want to fill my closet with, it would be this one. I’m just always so impressed by every collection, and feel like they knew what I wanted.

“Sézane was born from a desire to offer all women high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces that can be worn forever. Born in Paris & crafted using the expertise of the best ateliers: we offer luxury quality at a fair & accessible price. Je ne sais quoi for all.” - Sezane

Shop Sezane
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8) Thought

For years, whenever someone would ask me for an alternative to Anthropologie, I would say this one first. Their look really is so similar, but done with a conscious, transparent flair. Thought carries a variety of clothing, from dresses you can wear to the office to loungewear and comfy socks if you’re chilling (or working) at home. They use mostly eco-conscious materials like organic cotton and use zero plastic in their packaging. Their also known for having some of the best prints on their clothing!

Shop Thought
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9) Tonle

This brand makes zero-waste look so good, and they make an awesome alternative to Anthropologie brands.

Every design from Tonle is made from dead stock fabric. Besides their great eco fashion practicies, Tonle believes in hand made and creating fair work for their Cambodian makers. Their site even breaks down the impact you’ve made from buying a piece of their clothing - like how much water you saved, as well as emissions and pesticides avoided.

Shop tonle

10) WVN

A B-Corp certified brand, WVN is inspiring the fashion industry by showing caring for the planet will not compromise style and quality. They launched just this year, and are already a fan favorite of many sustainable fashion lovers online. They work with Fair Trade Certified factories to adhere to rigorous social, environmental, and economic guidelines.

Shop WVN
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11) Citizenry

The team at The Citizenry personally travel to each country where their goods are made so that they can use only local materials and establish sustainable relationships with artisans. But doing this themselves and cutting out the middleman, they’re able to offer high-quality, handmade goods at more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.

You can learn more about each individual artisan partner on their website.

Shop Citizenry
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12) Ten Thousand Villages

This store has been putting people and planet first for over 70 years - and you may have even visited one of their shops in person before! More than just a store, this market-to-market movement is connecting us to some of the most talented artisans all over the world. Our purchase is directly contributing to sustainable livelihoods, and keeping crafts original. Every product celebrates culture and the planet, so you know not one is compromised for the other.

Shop Ten Thousand Villages



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