Crime Against Humanity?

Crime Against Humanity?

How long will be let Political Leaders get away with Crime Against Humanity, just because they are ‘democratically chosen’?


The deforestation of Amazon Rainforest has again risen significantly.

In fact, the Brazilian institute INPE that monitors Amazon from the space, last Thursday (18.11.2021) reported that between August 2021 to July 2021, deforestation has risen with 22% more than the twelve months before. In fact under the reign of Bolsonaro, the deforestation has been increasing with double figures percentage each and every year. This despite all promises and commitments of Bolsonaro.

Not to forget, here we are talking about Amazon Rainforest, the Lungs of our Planet earth.  image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=400&dpx=1&t=1637412725

At COP26, Bolsonaro promised to stop with illegal logging by 2028 and mentioned that he has brought illegal logging under control. When asked by journalists, he declared that the status report of the Monitoring System Prodes of INPE is not complete yet.
Well, as per Mauricio Boivodic, head of World Nature Fund (WWF) in Brazil this was a complete lie as Bolsonaro and his government had received this report before COP26. In fact, the reality is that under Bolsonaro, the destruction of Amazon Rainforest has accelerated exponentially. Marcio Astrini, secretary of Brazilian Climate Observatory, mentioned that the government of Bolsonaro has made Environmental destruction its Grand Policy.

Since his early political carrier, Bolsonaro had promised to open the protected parts of Amazon for mining, commercial agriculture and other extractive activities. Even now, just this week he complained to potential investors in UAE, that criticism of Brazil for deforestation is wrong as the greatest part of Amazon is still untouched.

So in conclusion. How long should mankind allow such activities to continue without taking any actions? Should we let him get away just because he is ‘democratically chosen’? Wasn’t Hitler also democratically chosen?
We do choose to spend enormous resources to get Serbian leadership behind bars for Bosnia Herzegovina war, and let Leaders like Bolsonaro go free, even though their actions and consequences are far worse?
Isn’t it time that for the protection of Humanity and the Planet Earth, the Amazon Rainforest should be taken away from Brazil and put under UN Protection, and people like Bolsonaro followed up by ICC for ‘Crime Against Humanity’?

 Ben Banerjee. 20.11.2021

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    • I have been talking of this issue since more than few years. 

      Last week, I again repeated that leaders like Bolsonaro should be legally prosecuted for the destruction of Amazon Rainforests and ‘Crime against Humanity’. And those who are protesting around the world for the protection of Amazon Rainforests and other similar activities should better follow other channels like the legal ones. They can also push their political representatives (of course from democratic countries) to force the UN to set up an UN led protection for these bio-diversity rich areas.

      Now the wonderful news. 

      It seems that there are more who are thinking on the same line. 

      An Austrian environmental group ‘AllRise’ has filed an official complain with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Brazilian President Bolsonaro of ‘Crime against Humanity’, due to his role in the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.

      Now the ball is in the court of ICC. If they agree to investigate, then it would mean that ICC will have to test its limits of the interpretation of the Rome Statute to see whether it has the ability to cover these kinds of cases when one purposefully and knowingly is destroying the environment and speeding up the climate change, thus leading to deaths of many. 

      ICC being the sole adjudicator of ‘crimes against humanity’ is the only one to give this interpretation. And in case ICC refuses to comply, then the other option for the environmental groups is to follow up on the amendment of the law to include ‘ecocide’ as crime against humanity. 

      So for the sake of the Amazon Rainforest and the future of humanity, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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