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Flowers are a lovely, aromatic, and timeless way to decorate your house at any time of year, and specific dried flower arrangements are a strong way to set the tone in your most personal rooms. You can choose a bouquet that matches the colors of your walls or décor, or a coloured bouquet to change the ambiance in whatever way you choose.

Here are some of our favorite preserved flower ideas and varieties to set the ambiance in your house, with so many to pick from:

Warm Your Home with a Bright Bouquet

Flowers are notorious for eliciting happy sentiments. It will undoubtedly do the work. "Eye-catching" is an understatement with luscious orange roses, bright pink Matsumoto asters, and hot pink carnations. These vibrant and dramatic hues are the ideal method to refresh your home whenever it is in need. This arrangement can be used as an accent piece in your home's brightest spaces or added to a space that needs some energy.

A Moody Look with a Calming Arrangement

Consider something more relaxing if a bright and cheery dried flower bouquet doesn't quite fit the tone of your home. Shopeastolivia’s Samantha Aries and Samantha Libra Bouquet are fantastic additions to your favorite settings, creating a "moody" vibe. Both contain Bunny Tails, Miscanthus, Pampas, Thistle, Troll Hair, Eucalyptus, Gypsophila with cool-colored flora embellishments to create a relaxing atmosphere. These jewel-toned and lovely bouquets might be a nice addition to any space in your house that needs a little peace and quiet, like your bedroom or home office.

Classic Elegance Is Always In Style 

While elaborate arrangements are an excellent method to create a specific ambiance in your home, nothing beats a traditional and beautiful look. Consider a Classic collection of shopeastolivia for an all-color choice that will work in any of your favorite spaces.. These flowers are great for your living rooms or as a premium touch to your home's entry because of their simplicity and delicacy.

Consider Botanical for a Natural Look 

If a bouquet of flowers isn't what you're looking for to brighten up your space, a Shopeastolivia Spring Collection can be the answer. Plants are believed to help relieve stress and improve creativity, in addition to adding a natural feel to your living areas. Stylish succulents like The Lana Deluxe with FREE ILIA Multi-Stick and The Botanical - large collection provide a charming touch wherever they're placed. These plants are simple to maintain and provide a unique and appealing method to add an earthy tone to any space in your house.

When it comes to dried flowers and plants, there are plenty of options to choose from. Shopeastolivia is best a flower delivery service.

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Since Ancient Greece, sending a message with a fresh flower bouquet or preserved flower bouquet has been a ritual. It's still useful today, especially for communicating congratulations to someone near or far away. A bouquet with the correct flowers in it sends a clear message of support, good wishes, and optimism for the future. There are over a dozen different varieties of congrats flowers to pick from if you need to congratulate someone on a recent triumph or achievement. Mix & match for the perfect floral statement.


Are Flowers a Good Way to Congratulate Someone?

Bouquets are almost always a suitable approach to congratulate someone when the right dried flower arrangements are chosen. Just make sure you're not mistaking the meaning for something else, such as condolences, which would necessitate a separate bouquet of flowers.

There are numerous times when a well-planned celebratory bouquet is appropriate. The following are some of the most notable events:

The announcement of an anticipated delivery or the birth of a child, particularly if the kid or mother faced difficulties during pregnancy.

High school, college, trade school, graduate school, or other educational and training programmer completion.

Even if the recipient of the preserved flower bouquet is simply going into a first apartment or temporary housing such as dorms, the bouquet serves as a housewarming gift.

New job offers, promotions at work, and other similar accomplishments in the lives of friends and family members

Wedding anniversaries and other long-term commitment celebrations, especially on significant years.

Recovery after a major illness or disease, or at the very least the joy of a momentary improvement.

Engagements, which often necessitate a different bouquet than those provided to newlyweds.

Starting a new business or selling an existing one for a huge profit is a new chapter in the life of a business owner.

Almost any other occasion that involves joy and happiness as a result of a recent accomplishment.


Can I send flowers to both men and women to express my congratulations?

Many people still believe that receiving flowers is reserved for women, although congratulations preserved flower arrangements are appropriate for men and women both. Men receive flower arrangements equally as often, if not more, than women in most societies where flowers are presented as gifts. Of course, before choosing a bouquet as the best approach to deliver a message, it's important to consider the recipient's culture and tastes.


Are Plants a Good Way to Congratulate Someone?

For congratulatory gifts, live plants in pots are a great alternative to cut floral arrangements. Gardenia plants coaxed to blossom are a beautiful way to commemorate a recent baby shower or engagement, but they aren't appropriate for every message.

Braided Money Trees and Lucky Bamboo are also popular gifts for joyful symbolism, particularly if the accomplishment is monetary.

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