Kalaan Nibonrix Kaiman (Robert Pairman)


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3: Good Health and Well-being, 4: Quality Education, 5: Gender Equality, 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 10: Reduced Inequality, 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, 13: Climate Action, 14: Life Below Water, 15: Life on Land, 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
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Social Enterprises and Sustainable businesses, Charity & Philanthropy, Education and Research , Others
Place of work:
Yukayeke Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Hummingbird Taino People)
Сareer/Professional experience:

Kasike/ Chief
Yukayeke Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Hummingbird Taino People)

Robert Pairman has been given the title of Kasike and the Taino name Nibonrix Kaiman by the elders of his community and endorsed by Bohio Atabei Taino Grandmothers Council.
Kasike is a Taino chief, and I am the first on this Island in over 525 years, devoted to preserving the cultural ways and sacred sites of my ancestors.

Regional Organizer

Caribbean Route PDJ (Peace and Dignity Journeys)

Every four years since 1992 the Peace and Dignity Journeys has been spiritually reuniting Indigenous communities across the Western hemisphere. This undertaking is done via an intercontinental spiritual run that crosses the continent and connects the regions of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Indigenous runners from native nations of the Western hemisphere carry prayer staffs from all the four directions of the Americas and meet as one people in the center of the continents.

The endeavor is a powerful prayer in action to fulfill the ancient reunion prophecy of the Eagle and Condor.

Prior to and in preparation for the all native nations intercontinental run regional prayer runs are held in all participating native nations.

I am the Main Organizer for the Caribbean Route and is responsible for overseeing the PDJ protocols , promotion, and co-ordination for runs in the Caribbean and the route for the main intercontinential run in 2020.

The run will also educate and raise a spiritual awareness of the fusion and contributions of indigenous cultures throughout the Caribbean.

Projects Developer / Digital Signage Engineer

Intelligent Multimedia Limited

Conducts research and development for new Digital Signage technology applications within the company

Oversees the implementation of digital signage networks for private clients (separate from the companies advertising network) from conceptualization to implementation and support.

Support Sales reps with offering customised signage solutions for each client.

Research and Testing of all prominent Digital signage content management systems allowing clients to be well informed on the Pro's and Con's of all popular offerings.

Personal awards and excellences:

Certified Meditation Teacher

Issuing authority - Mastery of Meditation

Board Certified Holisitc Health Practicioner

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Credential Identifier ID 59763308

Tribal Link Foundation -UNDP
Certificate of completion - Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations


Digital Signage Federation - Digital Signage Certified Expert, Digital Signage Sales Professional

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Socially, Robert "Kalaan" Pairman is first and foremost a Behike (Taino medicine man) and was  chosen and appointed Kasike (Taino Chief) for the Yukayeke Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Humming Bird Taino People) .  He now walks with the Taino name "Nibonrix Kaiman".

Kasike Nibonrix Kaiman is a member of Consejo de Medicina Ancestral Indígena Originaria del Abya Yala (Council of Ancestral Indigenous Medicine of the Americas) , the Main organizer for Caribbean Region Peace and Dignity Journeys which is an inter-tribal spiritual run connected to ancient prophecies of the Americas, member of “ Responsables Espirituales Originarios del Guyrapoi, Kuntur, Quetzal, Aguila and Warawao" ( R.E.O.G.K.Q.A.W ) with responsibility for maintaining traditional ceremonies in the Caribbean and sits on Y.C.O.I.L (Yamaye/ Jamaica Council of Indigenous Leaders) .

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