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8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
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Social Enterprises and Sustainable businesses, Charity & Philanthropy, Education and Research , Incubators and Accelerators
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Rotkreuz / Kanton Zug
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After eleven years in different departments of Swiss Banks - in leading positions as account manager, as Instructor and as Human Resources Manager. 1993 I became self employed as a Trainer, Personal Coach and Management Consultant in the area of Human Development and Cultural Coaching and had many interim Management mandates in different companies and organisations. I additionally established and managed during four years the course for human resources at the Commercial College in Winterthur, and was there also active as an instructor for Human Resources Development, Communication and Leadership. During 10 years I was the European President and CEO of an international nonprofit environment Organization in Switzerland. In 2018 I founded together with a Collegue the Network of the SunHeart Business Leaders which I manage since as its Vice President and CEO.

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Since I was 18 I studied the similarities of different cultures, philosophies and religions. My focus was on the basic principles of life - the laws of nature - and how to apply them in our daily life and especially as entrepreneurs. My manifold experiences with what I call "Business in accord with Nature", I share with people in leading positions of different industry and business areas.

Author of two books, "Erfolgsfaktor LIEBE" and "Himmlische Mitarbeiter Führung".


- apprenticeship as banker

- different internal Management and Communication Trainings

- qualification as Corporate Culture Coach

- education as a Wing Chung Kung Fu Trainer

- education in holistic learning

- education in image streaming by Win Wenger, Ph.D.

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My name is Karin Fuchs-Häseli, and I am the founder and CEO of the "SunHeart Business Leaders". We are the first Swiss Nonprofit Business Network for ethical and sustainable Entrepreneurs of Micro- and Small Businesses, that share the same values - Humanity, Sustainability, Honesty, Appreciation and Serenity. Our members are all upright people who do not care about what others can do for them, but what they can do for others and the World. Together we work on building an ethical economy with thriving people serving the common good. That's our Vision.

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We're the first Swiss Nonprofit Business Network for ethical and sustainable Micro- and Small Businesses, which we connect with a community of consumers focused on ethics and sustainability (people with a lifestyle of health and sustainability - LOHAS). Thus we secure their longterm success and work together on establishing an ethical economy with thriving people, serving the common good. All that we do is based on the values Humanity, Sustainability, Honesty, Appreciation and Serenity.

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