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"Juergen is one of the very few people, I really mean, very few, people that understand both airlines and airports." [Ned Macesic, former VP SITA.aero]
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Lifetime life awards, disrupting aviation (past and present) and head of a wonderful family.
Whole Sale and Foreign Trade Economics, class of 1986 (my foundation). Airliner by passion.
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Impact Startup to disrupt aviation, planning to go carbon-neutral within three to five years.
Impact investing ain't philanthropy - do good and benefit from it!
“For those who agree or disagree, it is the exchange of ideas that broadens all of our knowledge” [Richard Eastman]
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A family office recently analyzed the impact investment proposals they received 2020. Of which +95% were - including but not limited to Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies, Blockchain, fin- and biotech. In most companies, ESG also being used for . As a rule of thumb, they told me, if the founders (or investors) focus is on quick ROI and exit to the stock exchange, it's likely a profitability driven investment with minimal impact, aka. greenwashing.

Plan A has started a petition against greenwashing at Change.org: /make-2021-count-join-the-petition-against-greenwashing (sorry, "Your current membership (Explorer) doesn't allow you to 'Post links'." Simply add the text after / to change.org)

If you are really into impact investing (or seeking funding for it), you better have clear values, what impact you make to the state of the SDGs. Adding further to the dirt, but less dirty is not helping the planet.

Aside: At Kolibri we developed the business plan with foci on sustainability and social responsibility as we understood it first. Then learned about SDGs only later (thanks EIB). So we came up with the ideas, qualified the ones we could make contribute to our profit-planning, such we think impact. Because

Impact investment ain't philanthropy. But to do good and make money.

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Establish a regional airline, competitive to the large shark. Addressing not a single or two, but all 17 SDGs. Most with a clearly quantifiable impact! And targeting to operate carbon-neutral within three to five years. No heresy but based on existing solutions that need to be taken into practical use. And as an impact investment coming with a good ROI. This ain't a small funding, it ain't easy, but we went to the moon, not because it was easy. But because it was possible. Let us stop aviation bashing but do something about it.

A little warning - you can't expect to disrupt an industry with pocket money. This is different. But our focus was and is on USPs and profitability: Impact Investment ain't Philanthropy - Do Good and Benefit from it.

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