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Business Development Officer - Galileo IIIC, Sept 2020 onwards
ESG and Impact Manager - Dolma Impact Fund, March 2017 onwards
Program Director - Dolma Foundation, July 2015 to February 2017
Director - Fair Trade Group Nepal, April 2014 to June 2015
PR Specialist - Equality Pathways to Potential, February 2012 to January 2014
MBA, 2011, St Cloud State University, USA
Bachelor of Science in Marketing, 2008, St Cloud State University, USA
Bachelor of Business Administration, 2005, Kathmandu University, Nepal
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Camomile Team
Sandeep Shrestha is a sustainability professional bringing 10 years of knowledge in sustainable business, impact assessment, communications, and capacity building. He has experiences working in private sectors and non-profits in the USA and Nepal. Sandeep has built his expertise in IFC Performance Standards and Fair Trade, enterprise development, project management, monitoring and evaluation. As environmental and social specialist, he works with DFI’s and SME’s to assess and manage ongoing E&S performance and risk management.
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Camomile, an Impact Investing Platform for One Planet and One Future.
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Camomile's event page presents you the best platform to find and participate in impact investing events. 

For those organizing events, Camomile allows you to publish your events that features registration, messaging system to participants, and your Camomile link to the event page. 

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Pursuing a career with Impact can be the most satisfying choice in the age of sustainability. At Camomile, we have created a special feature "Jobs" where we connect impact companies with impact individuals.  Organizations looking to find the right fit can list their job posting and reach to hundreds of Camomile users.

For job seekers, you can explore and apply for the right position to start your impact career.

Be a member of Camomile now and take advantage of our job features and many more activities to enable impact investing ecosystem.

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Do you want to understand Environmental and Social Impact Assessment process? If so, check out these short videos from Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment!

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The ‘S’ in ESG gains currency

By Manjit Jus in

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ESG funds defy havoc to ratchet huge inflows

When markets went into freefall last spring, investors fled mutual funds apart from one sector: sustainable investing.

This area — where environmental, social and governance issues are factored into investment decisions — had long been viewed as niche, often the preserve of charitable foundations and religious orders. 

But 2020 “was the year ESG came of age”, said Mirza Baig, global head of ESG research and stewardship at Aviva Investors, the UK fund house.

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Every country has different climate risks. Then there is climate inequality. Most people at greatest risk from climate change live in low- and mid-income regions. A 2019 study found that climate change has already deepened global economic inequality by around 25 percent.

In Nepal, black carbon accumulation in the Himalayas poses climate risks to over a billion population in South Asia due to GLOB flooding, greatly impacting livelihood, crops, infrastructure, settlements, aquatic life and biodiversity. 

Read more:

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"The key paradigm shift for companies is moving from a profit maximisation lens to a value optimisation lens. And moving from a shorter term profit focus to a longer term consideration of profits as well as impact to customers, communities and the environment. Is the organisation out to maximise profit, or is it there to optimise value? Are shorter term gains more important than longer term? How are shareholder interests balanced with stakeholders?”

Read more: ESG is here to stay

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At Galileo we challenge the long-held views that social and environmental issues should be addressed only by philanthropic donations, and that market investments should focus exclusively on achieving financial returns. 

Impact investing offers social and environmental solutions through investments that ALSO produce financial returns and represents abundant  for investors and social startups. 

Become a Galileo’s member today to make your part in creating a positive impact in this world!

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Camomile is looking for ambitious influencers to join our team!

Do you have an interest and would like to share your knowledge in the areas of Social Entrepreneurship, sustainable development, impact investment? Are you working on a research project and would like a wider audience to get to know about it? Journalism is your passion? We can offer more to a potential Camomile Community Manager!

Take a look here to find out more

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ESG Investments require ongoing risk assessment, management and monitoring. But it is really difficult to understand risk. The fact is our working world is not getting any simpler, only more and more complex.

For most, this increased working complexity can be felt on an almost daily basis. Continually evolving technologies, product trends, consumer behaviors, data sets and stakeholder relationships all contribute to a working world which is growing ever more dynamic, unpredictable and systemically co-dependent.

Building on this observation, basic complexity theory teaches us that as systemic complexity increases, environmental rationality and predictability decreases - so much so, that at the highest levels of complexity there is wild environmental disorder (chaos). In turn, modern day risk professionals are now faced with a particularly ominous challenge; how to effectively control those disruptive phenomena (risks) known to emerge from within highly inter-connected operating systems, experiencing ever increasing frequencies of change, balancing on the edge of chaos.

Get the fundamental question on “What qualifies as (scientifically) valid risk management within highly complex, operating environments?” answered. 

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Impact Investing: Making Use of Finance to Change The World

Understanding of impact investing, its market and how to measure impact. You will learn how to invest your money for positive social and environmental changes.

... or jump to: