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Impact Investing Solutions GmbH
1: No Poverty, 2: Zero Hunger, 3: Good Health and Well-being, 4: Quality Education, 5: Gender Equality, 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 10: Reduced Inequality, 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, 13: Climate Action, 14: Life Below Water, 15: Life on Land, 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
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Impact Investing Solutions GmbH provides various solutions in impact investing sector. 

We Provide Customized Services For:

Financial Institutions

Transform your investment strategy and corporate strategy and culture towards sustainable finance. Educate your employees and clients, select white label impact investing funds or create your own. Customized support for your transformative journey from A to Z.
You decide how far you want to go!

Private Investors

Do you know which impact you are creating with your wealth and investments?
Align your investment strategy with your values and contribute to the wellbeing of the humanity and planet generating financial return at the same time.

Leaders and Business Founders

Are you aware that we are leaving in VUCA World? Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
accompanied by climate change, population growth but at the same time incredible innovation technologies which are already existing. Breakthrough the new consciousness and create your business in a truly sustainable way putting a purpose at the heart of your business.

Pension Funds

Align your assets in accordance with regulation, lower your financial and reputation risks. Shift the assets towards sustainable finance, aligning it with Sustainable Development Goals.


Educate your employees on the topic of sustainable finance and impact investing. Explore various engagement opportunities for the planet and humanity through corporate programs with NGOs and Projects. We can help you to find the right engagement.

Start-ups and Ventures

Are you fundraising and looking for investors? Need a mentor, strategic advise, business plan check, incorporate impact measurement into your business model or looking for legal support? I am happy to support and connect you with the right partners to help your project to take the next level.

Conferences Organizers

You are looking for a keynote speaker, panelist or workshop facilitator who will let an indelible impression on your audience? I am happy to spark your event with impact and contribute to the consciousness shift towards sustainable finance.

Universities and Business Schools

Are you looking for an external encouraging lecturer, or want to create sustainable finance - impact investing program for your students? Get me on board to bring practical knowledge and news from the sector to get them working on the projects or writing a thesis on the topic related to sustainable finance.

NGOs, DFIs, Government Programs

Do you want to go alined with global trend and world leading NGOs which are transforming their projects to sustainable business models and investing at least a part of their assets into impact investing? Educating your employees, consulting your projects, shifting the mindset from "spending donations" to at least "taking and returning the capital back". Reduce your costs for fundraising and focus on impact in the world.

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Dear members of Impact community. 

It has been heartbreaking to hear about the untimely passing away of Andrey Bazarnov - CTO of Camomile.

Words cannot express how much Andrey meant to all of us from the impact community. 

A software engineer who spent many sleepless nights and was instrumental in the creation of the platform Camomile to unite the world for the better future. He  single-handedly built the impact investment platform of, probably the worlds biggest impact investment platform.

Our thoughts are with his beloved wife Ludmila and two children and his loved ones.
To all from the impact community, we humbly invite you to join us as we pay tribute to Andrey.

Some of you have reached out to us and have asked how you can help Andrey's family through this difficult time.
We truly want to honour Andrey’s achievements and carry on the celebration of life that he worked for and expressed wanting before he passed away.

Nelson Mandela said “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” 

These words were written as if with having Andrey in mind. Although Covid took Andrey away from us, we will remember him by his work. Every time someone from anywhere in the world will log into our beloved platform Camomile, he will use Andrey’s work. Whenever an impactful project or people around the world will be effected directly or indirectly by Camomile, they will experience the magic which came out of the beautiful mind of Andrey. 

Andrey may not be among us today, but his work will remain with us for a long long time and everyone touched by Camomile will ensure Andrey’s immortality.

If you are able to and comfortable doing so, we would really appreciate any donation, big or small, towards his celebration of life.

I end with the quotation of William Shakespeare:

But if the while
I think of thee,
Dear friend,
All loses
are restored
and sorrows end.

Thank you again for your donation for the family of Andrey this time.


If you wish to donate other amount then CHF20, use the following account number:

Verein Galileo IIIC
Alternative Bank Schweiz
IBAN: CH 12 0839 0035 4513 1000 3

Note: For Andrey

With appreciation,

Sveta Banerjee & Team of Galileo IIIC

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Dear President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Congratulations on your inauguration.
If not for the Corona regulations, then we would have most certainly attended.

Keeping up with my self-initiated old tradition, I had started when I wrote to President Clinton in December 1992 offering my congratulations and advice to him. This I continued till President Obama, and then for obvious reasons chose for self-imposed silence.

I will like to share a few of my opinion here. I believe that today the whole world is looking up to you with mixed feelings, Anticipation from the citizens of the free world, and Hope from those of the oppressed world. The last four years have been a cause of anxiety for many of us from the free world and exaltation from the leaders of the unfree ones.

I believe you will have to make strong choices at the commencement of your Presidency.

My first advice would be to make a clear distinction between the followers of Trump and of his ideology. I think that more than 70 million voted for Trump’s ideology. Please take them, their issues and worries into consideration and address them, not alienate them. Even in West Europe, alienation has caused the rise of fringe group political parties and loss of trust in democracy. I remember hearing this even as one of the main complains against President Obama. The beliefs and narratives which are wrong or completely false should be countered with truth and facts. One can dispute one ideology only with another and not by disconnection.

President Trump and his followers are different. They should be followed up using all the powers of law and justice. This should include all those who incited them (including President Trump, his family, and his cronies) and those who acted on them. Otherwise, this will lay the foundation for extremely dangerous precedence, which will have disastrous consequences in the future and is a serious threat for the United States of America and the world.

Moreover, this ought to include individuals like Sen Cruz, Hawley and to some extent, other Republicans who for purely for their own benefit and grip to power actively participated in spreading lies and propaganda. They share the responsibility of inciting violence as they acted knowing very well the possible consequences of their actions. These were the narratives that made Trump Supporters believe that it was their Patriotic duty to storm the Capitol on 6th January. All these people should be followed up and consequences laid on them, including compensating for all the material and immaterial damages caused directly and indirectly by their actions.
President Biden, you should not even consider forgiving these people in the hope of bringing unity to the country. Not only will these people not appreciate but will interpret it as your sign of weakness, and an act of appeasement. Additionally, this will only encourage them to repeat such actions. History has repeatedly shown that this will never end well and may end causing much more bloodshed and this time it will drag your name and reputation and that of the Democratic Party down with it.

I believe that some policies of President Trump, (which coincidentally are the same I had advised earlier to President Obama) of being really strong with China, strengthening the relationship with countries like Israel, India, Japan, Taiwan, etc. and improving relations with Russia, should be followed on. While the other policies of President Trump, I leave it to your discretion.

Last of all, regarding the promises you made to your voters. We all know that you have not inherited an optimal situation. The United States is facing an acute crisis from many angles, whether political, economic, or health, and you have a limited margin of time and freedom to operate. But still, I believe that you should come through with all your election promises, especially those regarding fighting Climate Change. If you decide to negotiate on them or dilute them to win Republicans' goodwill and support, then you will end up alienating all those who voted for you and supported you. This is one more lesson to be taken from President Trump, remain true to your support base.

So that is all for the moment. My personal belief that the US remains a great nation and torchbearer of the free world, which when united can overcome any problem. You are the right person at the right place to accomplish this.

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Week 2 - European Investment Bank

Dear All,

After a very successful starting last Friday. For all those who missed our show, you can watch the recording at:

We invite you all to our following program this coming Friday.

The weekly show on how Impactful investments and businesses are helping to implement the 17 UN SDGs worldwide to preserve the world for future generations.

We have enlightening and in-depth conversations with newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, project owners, investors, politicians, and business leaders and encourage them to act now.

This week's guest is the European Investment Bank (EIB).

EIB is one of the world’s main financers of climate action. The decade 2021-2030 is critical to address our planet's climate and environmental emergency. To achieve this, trillions of investment are required. The European Union and the EIB Group play a leading role in implementing the Paris Agreement. They place sustainability at the heart of their activities.

In 2007, EIB pioneered the green bonds market by issuing the world’s first Climate Awareness Bond (CAB), allocated exclusively to climate change mitigating activities in line with EU’s sustainability objectives. In 2018, EIB’s first Sustainability Awareness Bond (SAB) extended this approach to other environmental and social policy objectives. As of the end of July 2020, the EIB remains the world’s leading supranational of green and sustainability bonds with over €38 billion raised across 17 currencies. In total, CAB and SAB proceeds have helped finance 312 projects in 71 countries around the world.

The Bank targets to catalyze third party financing for Green investment through its interventions (EUR 1 trillion over the critical decade)

Elina Kamenitzer. Before taking up her role as head of the newly created Climate Office in the Bank’s operations directorate at the beginning of 2020, she leads EIB’s corporate lending team covering eleven markets in central and northern Europe including Germany, Austria, Poland, the Baltic States, and the Northern European countries. During her career, Elina has contributed to a number of green financing initiatives involving both public and private sector promoters and including financing of green innovation. 

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8 Oct 2021
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