International Biomass Solutions

Project idea:
Use new plant varieties and extract protein for feed & food
3: Good Health and Well-being, 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Project implementation region:
Project Phase:
Series A Funding: CHF 3 million to CHF 6 million

Sustainable growth of new high protein varieties for animal feed and human food market, for the ever-growing demand of the global vegetable protein consumption. High yield, returns within months, multiple harvests per year, High Co2 sequestering potential, unlimited scale-up potential.

IBS is an EU based,  internationally operating company specialized in the exploitation of dedicated biomass varieties. It’s methods of growing and processing of bio-mass contributes substantially to the creation of sustainable, long-term, economically viable solutions, realizing such energy generation.

With its roots in the Netherlands, IBS operates following the famous Dutch “Polder model”. This implies the early involvement of stakeholders, working in close cooperation with or at the request of (local) government, agricultural cooperatives, local farmers, agricultural processors and industrial stakeholders. The objective being to jointly work toward environmentally and economically sustainable solutions in agricultural developments, industrial transition towards energy transformation.

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