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Compressed air operators need to look to new compressor technologies that can maintain or increase demand output whilst lowering the input energy costs. In most cases the savings can more than pay for
Professionals in the fashion industry have been organizing, speaking up, and raising awareness about racist bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).  Yes, even the sustainable fa
Coca-Cola Amatil has joined the global RE100 renewable energy initiative and will power its entire operations — spanning six countries — with 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Operations in Australi
For many years, the availability of integrated design and process simulation packages has not serviced industrial, reuse and drinking water plant designs as well as it has for biological treatment pla
Each school will engage in a 12-month learning experience, gaining a better understanding of the impact of plastic pollution on marine and freshwater environments. The students will be empowered to cr
A trial of a fungi-based floating wetlands solution to create healthier, cleaner waterways is underway at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. Affectionately known as ‘mushi’ (pronounced moo-shi),
The Australian technology sector is a global leader in many rights. While we’ve made our mark on the world stage as rapid adopters of new technologies, as innovators and as digital educators, many of
Cedar Meats wanted a fully functional, more energy-efficient system that could deliver low running costs for the life of the DAF unit. The ‘conventional’ DAF system consists of a number of components
QUT researchers have used carbon dots from human hair waste sourced at a Brisbane barbershop to create a kind of ‘armour’ for solar technology. It has been shown that these carbon nanodots could be us
Oil spills are difficult to clean up and can result in damage to a marine ecosystem. Now, a promising ‘eco-friendly’ sponge alternative has been developed from sunflower pollen to help tackle this pro
Investing in solar used to be limited to those who owned property with a sunny roof and could afford to place solar panels on it. Now a community-owned solar farm in Canberra opens up investing in sol
Seeing countless wine box dividers going into paper recycling every month, Dan Murphy’s Mornington East Wine Merchant Michael Zitzlaff thought there must be a way to reuse them. Many local, boutique
Derived from crude oil, toxic to synthesise and slow to break down, conventional polyurethanes are not environmentally friendly, but they are nearly everywhere. Researchers from Memorial University o
Product life cycles traditionally follow a linear economy, where materials are transformed into products that are then used and thrown away in a ‘take-make-waste’ approach. This is unsustainable. The
Excessively high iron concentration in water can cause long-term sedimentation of iron particles in pipes and valves, thereby leading to a reddish discolouration of water for the end user. Sensor cube
At the start of 2021, a national survey revealed that nearly 84% of adults have reported experiencing at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress. Prolonged stress disrupts the balance of a
The National First People’s Gathering on Climate Change has seen Traditional Owners and scientists across Australia meeting to empower and enhance a First People’s-led response to climate change. The
Updated April 2021 Oh, journalistic hubris. I had it bad after I published on Racked what I hoped would be the death blow to the oft-cited factoid that “fashion is the second most polluting industry i