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While shopping secondhand is one of the best ways to get sustainable toys for kids, there are a few brands that are super planet-friendly and making amazing toys for babies, toddlers & kids. Elliott has a bit of a mixture of hand-me-downs (some of my toys, even), pre-loved toys from my favorite kid thrift stores & new, eco-friendly toys. This post will highlight the conscious ‘new’ toys & show you where to get them! Of course, I always recommend shopping at local stores, too, if you have them. It’s wonderful to keep the small businesses thriving during this time!

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Micro Kickboard

Micro Kickboard is well-known for their kid scooters and fun helmets, but recently they released an ECO scooter made from recycled, discarded fishnets. Elliott absolutely loves this scooter, and we ride it around the neighborhood almost every day. The Mini Deluxe is $90 and is for 2-5-year-olds, and the Maxi Deluxe is $140 and is for ages 5-12. They both come with a gold standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Truly an awesome buy!


Cuddle & Kind

1 Doll = 10 Meals

The owners of cuddle+kind wanted to create a sustainable stream of giving that wouldn’t rely on donations. Since September 2015, the sales of their adorable little dolls have helped provide over 13 million meals to children in need! Every cuddle+kind doll is handmade, stitch by stitch with a lot of love in Peru. They are hand-knit, hand-loomed, embroidered & crocheted by traditional artisans.



A family-based business from Portland, Maine, eco-kids started with one product - an eco-dough Cammie’s (the owner) mother used to make when she was little. They ended up expanding on this product, and creating several different non-toxic arts and crafts supplies. The ingredients used are safe for children, and made from things like non-GMO flour, vitamin E and essential oils. They really are some of the best kid’s art supplies around!

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Green Toys

This is one of my favorite sustainable toy brands for kids! Every Green Toys design is made from 100% recycled plastic, primarily recycled from milk jugs. Everything is manufactured right here in the USA, and the milk jugs are collected, cleaned, and reprocessed into raw recycled plastic before being mixed with food-safe, mineral based color dyes. They have lots of different toys, but their bath time ones are definitely some of Elliott’s favorites!

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A family business based in Germany, Legler has been making eco-friendly toys since 1988. They are known for the great quality, and wide range of toys.

Something worth noting, they produce their own electricity on site with solar energy, and they’ve made their shipping process CO2-neutral.

We just see so many plastic toys, today, it’s nice to see such an amazing assortment of wooden toys to choose from.


Le Toy Van

Another wonderful wooden toy brand, Le Toy Van is a small but big-hearted family company. They have been making wooden toys since 1995, and all are ethically-made with sustainable materials.

They use and replant a by-product of the rubber industry, Rubberwood, which they, along other woods, recycle into eco-friendly, high-quality toys. Many seem to LOVE Le Toy Van & they have won numerous awards.



One of the first toys I ever bought for Elliott was from this brand. I bought him their famous play gym, and he absolutely loved it. They have these amazing play kits you can have delivered to your door every two months as your child grows. Every piece of wood that comes with The Play Kits is sourced from FSC-compliant sustainable sources, and they use soft, natural 100% organic cotton. They also ship carbon neutral through projects that offset any carbon they emit while shipping.



This lovely toy brand prides their business model around three pillars: Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Sustainable Mind. PlanToys use rubber trees and sawdust called “PlanWood” which is made from surplus sawdust and wood chips from production reformed using a thermal process. They finish off their products with a chemical-free kiln-drying process to make sure they last for years.

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Elliott has so much fun with these magnetic toys!

The blocks are all specially designed to work together, and it’s amazing what you can build with them.

Tegu toys are known to help support childhood development from fine motor skills to story telling.

They make toys for babies to kids over 8, and Elliott has appreciated them from the very beginning.




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