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photo from  LowTides

photo from LowTides

I think some of the most interesting sustainable products are the ones made from other people's trash. Many brands are taking waste and recycling it into new products for us to love again. From recycled metals to recycled fibers, it's truly amazing what you can do to prolong an object's life. I love knowing the history behind what I wear and use every day, and with these products, you usually don't know what the first product was until someone tells you - 'oh yeah, that was made out of old t-shirts OR that was made out of plastic bottles.' That's how advanced we are when it comes to recycling. These really aren't your average home recycling projects ;)

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Materials: Recycled Apple & Mango Peels

More than 30% of mangos are wasted during harvesting and transportation, and another 7% are wasted in supermarkets. Allégorie has collected discarded mangos from supermarkets. They’ve also collected apple peels from the juice industry since 1.4 million tons of apple peel waste is generated by the juice industry each year! They take both fruits and create textiles through eco-friendly processes.


Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

Materials: Recycled Plastic Bottles

I am so excited to be partnering up with Dr.Scholl’s this spring to show you all the new sustainable initiatives they have been implementing over the last couple of years. They have started using plastic bottles to create their range of shoes for men, women & children. I’ll be sure to link my brand feature with them to this post soon!

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Materials: Recycled Plastic, Rubber, Paper, Etc…

This eco-friendly online marketplace is home to hundreds of brands, and many of which are using recycled materials to create new products.

I did a post on Eco-Friendly Office Supplies a few months back showcasing just some of the many amazing products they offer for your home workspace. So many cool recycled goods!

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Materials: Recycled Cotton, Metals, Water Bottles

Another online marketplace with tons of wonderful eco-friendly brands to look through! I’ve linked their section of products with recycled materials, and you can find things for your home and your closet. “We take time and care to consider where and how things are made, who makes them and what they are made out of. We support local designers, women, minority and family owned businesses and small makers and manufacturers.”


Lo & Sons

Materials: Recycled Plastic Bottles

I own one of their organic cotton duffles, and their quality is great. In addition to Lo & Sons’ organic cotton collection, they also have several pieces made from recycled polyester. From backpacks to large weekend duffles, you can find many of their designs using this recycled fabric. Recycled polyesters are great for traveling because they are easy to clean off and you don’t have the guilt of using virgin plastics.



Materials: Recycled Ocean Plastic

With a truckload of plastic being dumped into our oceans everyday (yeah, it’s terrible), there has to be something positive to come from all the waste. Low Tides uses this ocean plastic to create their collection of chairs, and the prints are so fun! These chairs are very easy to carry with their two back straps. They also have 2 cup holders so you can enjoy some refreshing drinks while watchin’ the waves.



Materials: Recycled Copper, Fabric, Glass, Plastic, Rubber,

A beautifully curated online marketplace, Itemerie is selling quality items you can expect to last for years. All of their items are lovingly crafted by skilled artisans, & made from responsible materials. What I think is so cool about this store are their little symbols next to each product indicating its values, which makes shopping so much easier! You can easily see which products are made from recycled materials or you can visit this page for them all!


made trade

Materials: Recycled Plastic, Rubber, Yarn

I’m sure you have seen this shop on my site a few times already! Made Trade is home to several of my favorite sustainable brands - many of which use recycled materials to create their products.

I’ve attached a link that has all of Made Trade’s goods which are composed of post-consumer waste, and there are A LOT of them!! From clothes to your closet to dining in your kitchen, it’s amazing how many products are created from waste.



Materials: Recycled Fishnets

Micro Kickboard is well-known for their kid scooters and fun helmets, but recently they released an ECO scooter made from recycled, discarded fishnets. Elliott absolutely loves this scooter, and we ride it around the neighborhood almost every day. The Mini Deluxe is $90 and is for 2-5-year-olds, and the Maxi Deluxe is $140 and is for ages 5-12. They both come with a gold standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Truly an awesome buy!


Organic Basics

Materials: Recycled Nylon & Salt

This is an awesome brand for the basic pieces in your wardrobe. Organic Basics has a line using recycled materials called SilverTech™. This activewear is treated with a safe, permanent, bluesign® approved recycled silver salt called Polygiene® - which stops the growth of odor causing bacteria on the fabric. I own these leggings and the matching bra, and it’s one of my favorites to work out in!



Materials: Recycled Bottles

Paravel is a sustainable travel brand dedicated to exploring the world while minimizing our impact on it. They make one of the most sustainable carry-ons with a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior; recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles; vegan leather details and wrapped steel handles; and an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle. I own one, and I have to say, it really is a nice piece of luggage!



Materials: Upcycled Fabrics

If you aren't familiar with the zero-waste strategies within the fashion industry, there are two popular ones {1} where all the materials are used within a pattern {2} where garments are made from existing materials. tonlé believes in combining the two in order to honor their commitment to sustainability to the fullest.

Even their smallest scraps are made into recycled office paper and sticky rice for their hang tags!



Materials: Plastic Bags

It’s amazing the color and textures you can create with old plastic bags.

Up-fuse is saving almost 30 plastic bags from sitting in a landfill with each product produced.

Plus, each bag is sustainably-produced in their in-house workshop by their talented local sewers. I love that while they are making a conscious product, they are raising awareness for one of our biggest threats - plastic pollution.



Materials: Recycled PET

If you are looking for unique prints, this is your stop! Wolven has some of the coolest patterns known to swimwear and athletic wear. They are probably most famous for their leggings, and each pair uses 27 recycled post–consumer bottles to create the yarn. Wolven is also carbon neutral, and they donate 1% to the planet. Make sure to check out their new arrivals- the midi bike shorts are amazing!

photo from Mother Erth on  Made Trade

photo from Mother Erth on Made Trade




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