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image from  Made Trade

image from Made Trade

There is just something about a rug that really pulls a room together. Some of the rugs in my home inspired the rest of the room and are the main focal point. Since I try to be as conscious as possible when purchasing for my home, I look for rugs made of natural materials like jute, wool, and cotton, which have been sustainably sourced. I also like for my rugs to be easy to wash in rooms where we spend a lot of time playing and working.

I thought this list would come in handy for others looking to add some sustainable & eco-friendly rugs to their home decor!


1) Made Trade

Price | $68-1900

If you are looking for several different sustainable and fair trade options, this is your place to go! Made Trade is one of my favorite online marketplaces that houses hundreds of ethical brands under one roof. Their rug collection is amazing and features brands like Killim, Zuahaza, and Leah Singh. The one pictured here is from the beautiful Minna, and you can find one of their Killim rugs in my blog post from a few years ago here.


2) The Citizenry

Price | $255-2175

Their artisan rugs are absolutely gorgeous! The team at The Citizenry personally travel to each country where their goods are made so that they can use only local materials and establish sustainable relationships with artisans. But doing this themselves and cutting out the middleman, they’re able to offer high-quality, handmade goods at more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques.


3) Parachute

Price | $89-1299

Parachute’s artisanal hand-woven rugs are sure to bring character to any room of your home. Their neutral tones are perfect to fit in anywhere, and all are made from natural materials like jute and wool. Many of their rugs are ethically manufactured by expert craftspeople in Panipat, India – known as “The City of Weavers” at a 80-year-old heritage textiles factory - a factory committed to social & environmental responsibility.


4) Pottery Barn

Price | $39-5,999

You may be shocked to see me putting this brand in this list, but Pottery Barn has actually been doing a lot in terms of ethical production and sustainably-made products. They also tend to have more accessible pricing and the fact you can visit their store in person doesn’t hurt either. When looking through their rugs make sure to find the little symbols for Handmade, Fair Trade and Sustainably Sourced so you are buying their more conscious products.


5) Ruggable

Price | $80-579

When it comes to price and practicality, this brand is the winner. I bought one of their rugs for my office, and it’s been wonderful. While I’m not the biggest fan of the material, I know for a rug to be stain & water-resistant you’re going to need to use polyester. I love the fact you can throw this in the wash because for my other rugs, it is not so simple and they become dirty way too quick. So for busier rooms, I tend to gravitate towards these!


6) Under the Canopy

Price | $98-948

This brand has been a fan favorite within my home posts, and it’s probably because they are one of the most affordable organic cotton brands in the home market. They just launched 3 new rugs in their collection, and each is made from 100% polyester EverStrand yarn, which is recycled plastic and Oekotex & GRS certified. They are perfect for nurseries!


7) West Elm

Price | $25-3,685

It’s hard to not add this brand into many of my home posts. Like Pottery Barn, not everything they have is sustainable, but they have a pretty good amount. I’ve linked this up to all of their sustainable rugs, and they have some beauties! The one pictured has a recycled cotton backing, and is handmade in India. While not all of their rugs use natural materials, many of them do and are created in a Fair Trade factory.


This post is sponsored in part by Made Trade and contains affiliate links. As always, views are genuine and brands are truly loved. Thanks for supporting the brands who are working to make this industry a fairer and cleaner place!




Content Creator: Natalie Kay