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Bestech Australia offers the DCX-22 ECO from Keller — a submersible, battery-powered, autonomous data logger designed for recording pressure and temperature over long periods of up to 10 years. Housed in a 22 mm stainless steel tube, the sensor can be used with a second data logger to act as a barometric pressure sensor to compensate for the influence of barometric pressure in shallow water depths.

The sensor is designed with the latest microprocessor technology to offer high-resolution signals. This feature allows for data linearity and temperature errors to be mathematically compensated. It also offers non-volatile memory storage, which should ensure high data security.

The collected data can be retrieved by firstly recovering the data logger from the deployment point. Then the end cap, which is sealed by two O-rings, is removed to access the serial interface to collect the data. The battery is rechargeable via USB connection with the serial K-114M converter connected to the PC.

The DCX data logger is paired with KOLIBRI software for reading and visualising data as well as conducting analysis such as differential pressure calculation. The sensor can be configured to only collect useful data or record data at shorter intervals. It can also be set to save the installation data and location where the sensor is deployed.

The measurement range is 0.8–1.3 to 0.8–11 bar, with 0.1% typical accuracy.