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« How can become the new normal? One important step is having the appropriate regulations in place, says Svetlana Banerjee Baurens Swiss Impact Investment Association. Without them, she argues, money will not properly flow into impact investment. Svetlana was our guest at our last impACT talk » @ Geneva Macro Labs

Please find the video below: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdZo1PMVx-k

Key takeaways:

> Finance can become the force for good. The ecosystem should collaborate in to overcome challenges. Public-private partnerships also need to be involved to enable collaboration. 

> We are currently "over-reporting," "over-regulating," "over-talking,“ and "overthinking" about profit, but unfortunately, we are not over-acting! 

> By shifting capital into impact investing, we will not only help to solve social and environmental challenges, but also add meaning, purpose, and inspiration to actors in the financial industry.